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Harry Potter UK Tour

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The Magical World Of Harry Potter

Originating as a series of seven novels written by J K Rowling, eight films then followed bringing to life the adventures of the young wizard we know as Harry Potter, and his two friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. The eight films were, in the majority, filmed across the United Kingdom and at the Warner Brothers Studio near London; meaning that there is an abundance of places to visit for every ‘Potterhead’ looking to submerge themselves in the magical word of Hogwarts and Harry Potter.

From walking in the footsteps of your favourite witches and wizards on the sets housed at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, to strolling the grounds of Ashridge Estate whilst visiting the Whomping Willow, or stopping by Harry Potter’s parents’ house at Lacock Village, or attempting to charm snakes at London Zoo with your Parseltongue, there is plenty for every ‘Potterhead’ to enjoy as they adventure across the country exploring each filming location.

Potions - Harry Potter Route | © Potions, Photo: celinebt - Pixabay
  • Potions, Photo: celinebt - Pixabay
Hogwarts Express | © Hogwarts Express, Photo: pixabay - 8167078
  • Hogwarts Express, Photo: pixabay - 8167078
Platform 9 3/4 sign | © Platform 9 3/4 sign, Photo: ff16 - Pixabay
  • Platform 9 3/4 sign, Photo: ff16 - Pixabay
Hogwarts Express, Platform 9 3/4 Sign

The Harry Potter Route offers additions to the filming locations such as;

  • … National Trust Sites   
  • … Historical Buildings
  • … Beautiful Estates
  • … The Hustle & Bustle of London

Whilst the routes exciting purpose is to find and explore Harry Potter’s own magical world, the filming locations used allow additional pleasure to be had through exploring historical towns, sites, and artefacts.

When visiting Lacock Abbey, you have not only the Abbey, but the village and Fox Talbot Museum too, at Gloucester Cathedral take a tour to explore the history, climb the Tower and discover the underground Crypt. During your time in Oxford take your time to explore the prestigious university city, in London the markets, museums and cafés are rife to be explored, and in County Durham perhaps Beamish, the Living Museum of the North or Ushaw, an Historic House, Chapels & Gardens.

No matter which part of the magical journey you are at, there is a hidden extra or two around every corner of the tour for all the party to enjoy.

Gloucester Cathedral, Harry Potter Route | © Gloucester Cathedral, Photo: graham-h, Pixabay
  • Gloucester Cathedral, Photo: graham-h, Pixabay
Lacock Abby, Harry Potter Route | © Lacock Abby, Photo: stephennorris - Pixabay
  • Lacock Abby, Photo: stephennorris - Pixabay
Step Back Into The World Of Harry Potter - Warner Brothers Studio Tour London
Alnwick Castle, Hogwarts | © Alnwick Castle, Photo: bnoragitt - stock.adobe.com

No matter which version of the ‘Harry Potter’s England’ route you’re looking to explore the best place to start is ‘Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter’. Consisting of iconic sets, the most memorable props, your favourite costumes, interactive flying opportunities and so much more, this is the place to dive in and begin your magical tour of Harry Potter’s England. Starting at Warner Bros. Studio Tour you can then continue along the main route starting at Ashridge Estate, or extend your route by exploring the filming locations based in London prior to visiting Ashridge Estate.
Below are the full details of the routes stops in England including, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, Ashridge Estate, Lacock Abbey, Lacock Village, Gloucester Cathedral, Christ Church College, Bodleian Library, New College, Blenheim Palace, Hardwick Hall, Goathland Station, Durham Cathedral and Alnwick Castle. The London extension includes Borough Market, Leadenhall MarketSt Paul’s Cathedral, Kings Cross Station, London Zoo, Junction of Scotland Place and Great Scotland Yard, Clapham Junction and Harry Potter & The Cursed Child, Palace Theatre.

More Attractions
Wizard, Harry Potter Route, England | © Wizard, Harry Potter Route, Photo: Oleg Ermak - stock.adobe.com
  • Wizard, Harry Potter Route, Photo: Oleg Ermak - stock.adobe.com

Harry Potter's England 

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter, Watford
A required visit for every ‘Potterhead’ at least once, Warner Bros. Studio Tour is the making of a dream for anyone wanting to be submerged into the magical world of Harry Potter. Sharing behind the scenes secrets, bringing the costumes and wigs to life, showcasing a variety of sets as well as different features throughout the year, such as ‘Hogwarts in the Snow’, this is not a stop to skip.
To extend your route in England, after visiting Warner Bros. Studio Tour London and prior to leaving for Ashridge Estate, there are many stops to be made in London. Follow the London extension tour listed below. 
Ashridge Estate, Near Berkhamsted
Ashridge Estate is home to the Whomping Willow (The Chamber of Secrets); in 2014 the tree unfortunately split in two, however the remains of the tree are still onsite to this day. The estate is also home to Ashridge Woods, the woodlands where The Weasley’s and Harry met The Diggory’s at the Quidditch World Cup as well as Beacon Hill, the hill on which the Boot Portkey is located.
Lacock Abbey, Near Chippenham
As you pass through the halls of Lacock you will soon realise that you are in fact stood not in Lacock, but the corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Used to film various corridor scenes in both the Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets as well as a CGI-enhanced version of Lacock Abbey rumoured to have been used for Order of the Phoenix. Here you will also find ‘The Lacock Abbey Warming Room’ used as Professor Quirrell’s Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom from the Philosopher's Stone and ‘The Lacock Abbey Sacristy’ which, although it may look a little brighter, was in fact Snape’s Potions Classroom in the Philosopher’s Stone. The last room to take note of at Lacock Abbey is ‘The Lacock Abbey Chapter House’, this is both where Harry found the Mirror of Erised in the Philosopher’s Stone and the Study Hall in the Chamber of Secrets.
Lacock Village, Near Chippenham
Although private property Harry Potter’s parents’ house from the Philosopher’s Stone is found in Lacock village itself; being a private residence it is important not to trespass and view only from the road. As you walk through the village perhaps, you’ll realise that you’re not just walking through Lacock, but Slughorn’s village too, as the village of Lacock was used during the Half-Blood Prince as Budleigh Babberton. Just around the corner from Lacock Bakery and The George Inn, at the crossroads of Cantax Hill, West Street and Church Street you’ll find the point where Dumbledore and Harry disapparate out of Budleigh Babberton, a little further along Cantax Hill you should stumble across Slughorn’s house, this also is a private residence and should only be viewed from the road. There is a local shop dedicated to Harry Potter that may also be worth a visit.
Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester
Gloucester Cathedral has information onsite to guide you around each of the filming locations; but for those who might want to refresh their knowledge before visiting here’s a sneak preview. Philosopher’s Stone scenes filmed onsite include the Gryffindor Common Room entrance door, the scene where newly “sorted” Gryffindor students walk along the corridors and finally the scene where the Troll is let loose within Hogwarts, walking through the corridor to Hermione in the first-floor girls’ toilets. For the Chamber of Secrets Gloucester Cathedral was used for the ‘Blood Messages’ left on the wall when the Basilisk roamed Hogwarts, as well as the memorable scene where Moaning Myrtle flooded the girl’s bathroom. The Half-Blood Prince was the final film shot at Gloucester Cathedral; the scene filmed was Harry’s eavesdropping of Snape & Malfoy’s conversation surrounding the ‘unbreakable vow’ between Severus Snape and Narcissa Malfoy.
Christ Church College, Oxford
There are two stops to make at the Christ Church College, the first being the Bodley Staircase where in the Philosopher’s Stone Harry, Hermione and Ron meet Professor McGonagall for the first time, the Bodley Staircase then features again at the end of the film. The Bodley Staircase reappears in the Chamber of Secrets where Filch catches Harry and Ron after they crash the flying car into the Whomping Willow and again later in the film when Harry first sees Tom Riddle. Your second stop is the Cloisters, which is where in the Philosopher’s Stone Hermione shares with Harry his Father’s, James Potter, Quidditch awards as a seeker.
Bodleian Library, Oxford
At the Bodleian Library you again have two different stops, starting with the Divinity School where you’ll instantly find yourself in Hogwarts Infirmary; the Divinity School reoccurs throughout the different films consistently as Hogwarts Infirmary, to name a few this is where Madame Pomfrey regrows Harry’s bones with Skele-Gro in the Chamber of Secrets and Hermione uses the Time-Turner the Prisoner of Azkaban. For those eagle eyed ‘Potterheads’ out there, you’ll also realise that the Divinity School is where Ron dances with Professor McGonagall during dance practise for the Triwizard Tournament during the Goblet of Fire. For your second stop you may need to find your Cloak of Invisibility as you’re off to the Duke Humfrey’s Library, which is of course the Restricted Section of Hogwarts Library.
New College, Oxford
For the third time in a row, you again have two stops; starting at the New College Cloisters you’ll recognise them as the corridors of Hogwarts from the Goblet of Fire; perhaps “Potter Stinks” rings some bells here? Your second visit is outside, stopping in the Courtyard you’ll arrive at the location where Mad Eye Moody transfigured Draco Malfoy into a ferret.
Blenheim Palace, Near Oxford
Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs were known for causing mischief, their appearance in the Order of the Phoenix was no exception. At Blenheim Palace you will find the ‘Harry Potter Tree’ which is where the scene containing Snape’s flashback was filmed; taunted by James Potter and friends a young Snape was levitated into the air upside down in front of the tree. The tree can be easily recognised by the huge hole opening into the large, hollowed tree trunk.
Hardwick Hall, Near Mansfield 
Hardwick Hall was used for the external shots of Malfoy Manor in the Deathly Hallows, when looking at Hardwick Hall you may think something looks a little different to the film; this is as the imposing towers and tall hedge rows were added by CGI. The entrance hall at Hardwick was also used to film the scene at the beginning of the Deathly Hallows where Voldemort uses Lucius Malfoy’s wand to kill Charity Burbage, the Hogwarts Muggle Studies Professor.
Goathland Station, Near Whitby 
As soon as you arrive at Goathland Station, you’ll find yourself stepping out onto the platform of Hogsmede Station. Surrounded by filming spots from the Philosopher’s Stone, you’ll recognise where the Hogwarts Express first brought Harry, Ron & Hermione to Hogwarts; there are plenty of notable photo opportunities at Goathland Station.
Durham Cathedral, Durham
At Durham Cathedral there are three different areas where you can recreate the magic of the Harry Potter films. Your first stop is the Cloister, here you will find yourself in the corridors of Hogwarts; you’ll recognise this area as one of the corridors Harry, Ron and Hermione walk through in between classes during the Philosopher’s Stone. A set was replicated for the Chamber of Secrets film, almost identical to these Cloisters, for use during the scene where Harry free’s Dobby with a sock, much to Lucius Malfoy’s fury. Next, you’ll want to visit the square of the grass in the middle of the Cloister’s, known as ‘The Cloister Garth’, perhaps the first scene that will come to your mind here will be Ron’s iconic “Eat Slugs” backfiring moment with his broken wand in the Chamber of Secrets. You may also recognise the Cloister Garth from the Philosopher's Stone, where Hedwig took flight around a snow-covered Hogwarts Castle. The final stop at Durham Cathedral is the Chapter House, although this is not always open to the public, it was once Professor McGonagall's classroom at Hogwarts, perhaps you’ll remember when the class tried to turn their animals into goblets?
Alnwick Castle, Alnwick
Alnwick Castle is famously known and recognised as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; first appearing in the Philosopher’s Stone, you’ll recognise the Outer Bailey as where the students learnt to fly their broomsticks with Madam Hooch as well as where Harry first became acquainted with the rules of Quidditch. Both the Courtyards and Baileys of Alnwick Castle feature in the scenes of Hogwarts day-to-day life; in the Inner Bailey you might just spot where the Weasley’s flying car starts to crash land at the hands of both Harry and Ron during the beginning of the Chamber of Secrets. Make sure to stop at the Lion Arch, known in the films as a way in and out of Hogwarts leading to both the Forbidden Forest and most importantly, Hagrid’s Hut.
Costumes, Harry Potter Route | © Costumes, Photo: wadomiguez, Pixabay
  • Costumes, Photo: wadomiguez, Pixabay
Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

Harry Potter's England - London Extension Tour 

Borough Market
Although in the Philosopher's Stone Leadenhall Market was the location used to film the entrance to The Leaky Cauldron; in the Prisoner of Azkaban an alternative London location was selected. Head to Borough Market and opposite, under the railway bridge, you’ll find 7A Stoney Street, which served as The Leaky Cauldron in the third film. To the right of 7A Stoney Street you may recognise ‘The Third Hand Book Emporium’; where the Knight Bus nudges the rear of a car dropping Harry at The Leaky Cauldron.
Leadenhall Market
Leadenhall Market is instantly recognisable as the area of London used to represent Diagon Alley, Harry’s first real introduction to the Wizarding World in the Philosopher's Stone. Harry famously asks, “Can you find all this in London?”, well like Hagrid "If you know where to go" here at Leadenhall you can even find the entrance to The Leaky Cauldron although it may look a little different as 2-4 Bull’s Head Passage is an Opticians in Muggle London.
St Paul’s Cathedral
You will perhaps know that at the beginning of the Half Blood Prince when Ollivander is kidnapped and the Millennium Bridge destroyed by Death Eaters, St. Paul’s can be seen in the background. However, the interior Geometrical Staircase of St. Paul’s was also used in the Prisoner of Azkaban as Professor Trelawney's Divination Class Staircase.
23 Claremont Square, London, N1 9LX
12 Grimmauld Place, the Head Quarters of the Order of the Phoenix during the fifth film), is distinctly recognisable as you walk down Claremont Square; whist Grimmauld Place may have been number 12, you’re looking for number 23 at Claremont Square. Claremont Square is a private property, it is important not to trespass and view only from the road.
Kings Cross Station
Although Platform 9¾ may not exist to the Muggle World, at Kings Cross Station you can find a ‘Platform 9¾’ in the station concourse. In addition to visiting ‘Platform 9¾’ there is a dedicated shop, The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9¾, the shop is designed to resemble Ollivander's wand emporium, here you can find an abundance of Harry Potter related items whilst browsing.
London Zoo
At the beginning of the Philosopher's Stone, Harry and the Dursley’s visit London Zoo for Dudley’s eleventh birthday where Harry begins a conversation with a Burmese Python, this scene was filmed at the enclosure of the black mamba. Try your luck at Parcel Tongue and perhaps you too may charm a snake.
Junction of Scotland Place and Great Scotland Yard
Although you may not find the telephone box to take you to the Ministry of Magic, you’ll recognise this area as the background to where Harry and Mr Weasley descended to the Ministry of Magic in the Half-Blood Prince.
Clapham Junction
In 2020 J K Rowling released the location of where she first began to write the Harry Potter novels. “The true birthplace of Harry Potter” was her old flat at Clapham Junction, above what was once a sports shop.
Harry Potter & The Cursed Child, Palace Theatre
As the 8th Harry Potter story, based on the writing of J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, the play is set 19 years after the last Harry Potter story ends. The play by Jack Thorne, must be booked in advance if you wish to enjoy it; however, the theatre itself is an icon London photo stop for any ‘Potterhead’.
Creating the World of Harry Potter - Warner Brothers Entertainment


With so many locations spread out around the UK it’s important to have the perfect spots lined up to stop; below are some perfectly placed camp sites to serve you on your magical journey around Harry Potter’s England;

Henley Four Oaks Caravan and Motorhome Club Site, Henley-on-Thames

The perfect location for ‘Warner Bros. Studio Tour London’ and only a short drive to Henley-on-Thames Train Station,  putting London within reach for a day trip.

Henley Four Oaks is surrounded by large trees offering a beautiful surrounding for those staying at the site on either the grass or hard standing pitches. The site itself offers electric hook-ups, laundry facilities, Disabled facilities dishwashing facilities, gas, toilet blocks and much more.

Full facilities information can be found here.

The Crown Inn Campsite, Bishops Cannings

A stone’s throw from Lacock The Crown Inn’s Campsite is in the perfect location to stop for the night after visiting Ashridge Estate, ready for time at Lacock the following day.

The site has pitches for both tents & motorhomes, offering toilets and shower facilities onsite. Having the Inn onsite allows for a delicious evening meal out at the end of a long day exploring.

For more details follow the link here.

Apple Orchard Caravan & Camping Site

Placed well to rest after a day exploring Lacock Abbey and village, ahead of visiting Gloucester Cathedral the next, Apple Orchard Caravan & Camping Site had a lot to offer including electric hook ups, a Tea Room & Bar, onsite shop and much more, including onsite Glamping Pods.

For more information follow the link here.

Oxford - Harry Potter Route | © Oxford, Photo: gainfrancodebei - Pixabay
  • Oxford, Photo: gainfrancodebei - Pixabay

Glebe Leisure Touring Caravan Park, Near Bicester

Well placed in the Oxford area for both your Oxford stops and Blenheim Palace, as well as the opportunity to explore Bicester Village nearby if you have spare time.

Set on the borders of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire Glebe Leisure Touring Caravan Park is set in the beautiful countryside with a fishing lake onsite.

Offering power hook ups, toilet and shower blocks, hard standings and more. For full information click here.

Apple Blossom Caravan and Camping Park, Carlton

A family run touring park set between Hardwick Hall and Goathland Station; although within easy access of a variety of motorways Apple Blossom Caravan and Camping Park is surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Offering Charging facilities, chemical disposal, recycling points, disabled facilities, a play area and much more, Apple Blossom Caravan and Camping Park is a comfortable stop on your route.

Full facilities information can be found here.

Finchale Abbey Touring Park, Durham

Set in the grounds of the English Heritage site of Finchale Priory, Finchale Abbey Touring Park is a unique opportunity to stay with views across the park and out over the Abbey ruins. Placed at the edge of Durham and close to Newcastle upon Tyne it’s the perfect location to pause at between Goathland Station and Durham Castle, and as a base for Alnwick Castle the next day.

Offering hard-standing and grass pitches, with almost all of them having an electric hook up, a dog walking area, toilets and much more.

Full facilities can be found listed here.

The Harry Potter's England Tour

Selected Campingsites

You can find more Harry Potter routes and additional information about the sights in our Explorer Map.