Electric bike rack lift from Outdoorteck

The tecklift is an electrically operated bicycle lift system for mounting on the rear of mobile homes. The manual lifting of heavy e-bikes or bicycles is no longer necessary for transport with the motorhome. Thanks to the patented and universal design of the tecklift, it is suitable as a tecklift connect for retrofitting an existing bicycle rack or as a tecklift carry for initial equipment on new vehicles.

Lift adapter for existing bike carriers

The tecklift connect is an electrically operated universal adapter. It enhances an existing bicycle rack by making the transport of bicycles or e-bikes much easier. It is mounted between the rear of the motorhome and the existing bike rack. The tecklift connect adapts to the motorhome and the attachment points at the rear can usually continue to be used.

The electrical adapter is available from well-stocked caravan dealers for around € 839.

© tecklift connect, Foto: Outdoorteck
  • tecklift connect, Foto: Outdoorteck

Original equipment or replacement of a bike rack system

The tecklift carry is an electrically operated lift and carrier for two e-bikes in one. It is also mounted on the rear of the motorhome. You can choose the right bike rails and holders from any manufacturer for your e-bikes or bicycles. Combined with the rails, the bicycle rack lift is then ready for use.

The tecklift carry basic without holder and bike rails is available from € 968.

© tecklift carry, Foto: Outdoorteck
  • tecklift carry, Foto: Outdoorteck