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Alpine Motorhome Systems

Alpine has been the leading provider of vehicle audio and navigation systems for over 50 years and is known worldwide for it’s high-quality, reliable products for both vehicle manufacturers and our end customers. In recent years, we have expanded our speciality into systems for motorhomes and camper vans. Here you will find the most important information on systems for your motorhome, what you should pay attention to when purchasing and what benefits an Alpine system can offer you. 

We invite you to talk to an Alpine team member, to ensure that you find the right products for your travel needs.

      Relaxed driving and arriving

      Motorhome Navigation

      If you’re looking to purchase a new navigation system for your motorhome or camper van, there are a few things you should think about. Compared to the navigation systems designed for cars, there are a few differences and special features to be considered: 

      For both the driver and passenger the size and readability of the head unit display is very important. Devices that have both a large and swivelling head unit display are of course the first choice here as they make navigation incredibly easy. 

      Ensuring your head unit has specific motorhome navigation software, (in place of car navigation), is essential for planning your route; as only routes that are suitable for your motorhome will be considered. Narrow alleys, low bridge crossings and many other obstacles can quickly cause frustration on your holiday journey - these criteria and your vehicle parameters (length, width, height, weight), are taken into account when the route is being calculated with good mobile travel software. Maximum permitted speeds for your vehicle should also be displayed.

      It is also important to be able to enter specific GPS coordinates, as many parking spaces do not have an address attached to a searchable/specific postcode. The map material should come from a well-known provider such as TomTom or HERE (Navteq) and be kept up to date. Long-standing, free map updates from the device manufacturers are ideal when keeping your maps as up to date as possible .

      Additional content such as a large POI (Points of Interest) database to show you parking areas, rest areas, service stations and attractions rounds off a good motorhome navigation system and helps you in everyday motorhome holiday scenarios.

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      Your journey to a new sound experience
      Sound Systems

      What would a long journey be without music?! A good sound system harmoniously coordinated and perfectly integrated into your motorhome will provide an excellent sound accompaniment throughout your journey. Original factory sound systems fitted by vehicle manufacturers often do not have a particularly good sound quality but can be easily upgraded in a few stages with little effort. This applies to the cockpit area as well as both the living and sleeping area of your mobile phone. 

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      Always keep track

      Camera Systems

      For large vehicles such as a motorhome, a good camera system is essential and enables safe manoeuvring in parking spaces, narrow aisles and parking spaces as well as when hitching trailers. The "short look backwards" on the motorway also helps to recover after overtaking or, for example, to check the bicycles on the rear carrier.

      If you want to purchase a camera system, you should note these points:

      Type of camera system: there are simple reversing cameras with one viewing angle, multi-view cameras with multiple viewing angles and a larger viewing range for front and rear, side cameras for monitoring the grey water discharge at the service station, and 360-degree cameras that show your mobile phone from a bird's eye view.

      Camera quality: the better the camera, the better the image quality. The camera should have good resolution, be able to depict fast changes of bright and dark environments cleanly, as well as provide good visibility and contrast even in the dark or strong sunlight, overlayable guidelines continue to help with parking.

      Easy installation: vehicle-specific or universal installation kits help you to integrate the camera safely and discreetly. Thin cables and plugs make it easier to route the cables. There are also special solutions, such as wireless camera systems, which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

      Reversing Cameras for Motorhomes | © ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH
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      Reversing Cameras for Motorhomes | © ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH
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      Entertainment on the go


      Enjoy movies, DAB+ digital radio, TV programmes and music with a good motorhome system. This makes the journey to the holiday destination more relaxed and entertaining, and you don't have to do without your standard stars or favourite interpretations on holiday.

      You should pay attention to the following features when purchasing:

      • DAB+ digital radio for noise-free reception of radio stations
      • Bluetooth interface for hands-free and audio streaming from your smartphone
      • USB & AUX connections enable the connection to other sound sources, such as MP3 players 
      • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility in order to be able to control your smartphone apps directly from the dashboard
      • HDMI Connection option for additional playback devices such as external DVD players or similar

      Think in advance about which external devices or features you would like to use for entertainment and select a suitable device accordingly.

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      The watchful eye for your safety

      Dashcams are video cameras that continuously record the surroundings through the windscreen of the vehicle. The recorded material can be used as evidence in the event of a traffic accident, for example. If vandalism damages your motorhome when parked, dash cams with video and image credits can also be very helpful.

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      Motorhome Sound & Navigation Configurator ALPINE | © ALPS ALPINE GmbH
      Motorhome Configurator

      The Alpine Configurator helps you to find the perfect match of Alpine components to your individual motorhome or campervan.