Entertainment on the go

Enjoy films, DAB+ digital radio, TV programmes and music with an Alpine system. This makes the journey to the holiday destination more relaxed and entertaining, and you don't have to do without your standard stars or favourite interpretations on holiday.

Alpine Motorhome Infotainment | © ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH
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Phone & streaming


Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth compatibility of the Alpine systems, it is possible to establish a wireless connection to a Bluetooth-enabled telephone for the hands-free function. It supports most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and gives you easy access to your phonebook with automatic updates and fast alphabetical search. A very intuitive user interface makes operation child's play. Of course, you can stream music from your mobile phone and browse your archives even more easily thanks to compatibility with AVRCP version 1.5.

Alpine X903D-DU Bluetooth | © ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH
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Digital radio reception

DAB+ Digital Radio

Radio reception with superior digital sound quality - this is what the integrated 1.5-fold DAB+ tuner in the Alpine devices stands for, which thrills with superior reception technology. It always gives you an extremely accurate, transparent sound. For uninterrupted reception, the tuner offers DAB+ to DAB+ Service Following, SLS (program-related text information), Radio VIS (channel cover on your radio display) and other useful information. If no DAB+ signal is available, the unit automatically switches between DAB+ and FM operation.

Alpine iLX-F903DU DAB+ Radio | © ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH
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Use your iPhone

Apple CarPlay

The innovative Alpine motorhome systems with Apple CarPlay offer you the option of using your iPhone while driving without having to take it into your hand. With Apple CarPlay, iPhone users have an incredibly intuitive solution on board to make calls, use navigation apps, listen to music and use messages with just one word or button press. You can enjoy Spotify, Internet radio or podcasts while still focusing on road traffic. Simply connect your CarPlay-enabled iPhone to the USB port of your Alpine system and all functions are immediately available.

Alpine iLX-F903DU | © Foto: ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH
  • Foto: ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH
Apple CarPlay Introduction

Alpine iLX-F903D

Using the Alpine Hit product iLX-F903D installed in Volkswagen T6 as an example, we would like to give you a brief introduction to Apple CarPlay.

Connect your Android smartphone

Android Auto

If you have connected your Android smartphone to an Alpine mobile navigation system via USB and installed Android Auto, you can access many apps via the Alpine touchscreen. Android Auto has been designed with road safety in mind. With a simple and intuitive user interface, integrated steering wheel control and new powerful voice control, it is able to minimize distraction so you can continue to focus on road traffic. Android Auto automatically provides you with useful information and gives you access to music, navigation and communication apps on your Android smartphone.

Alpine X903D-DU2 Android Auto | © Foto: ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH
  • Foto: ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH

HDMI Inputs

Most Alpine mobile navigation systems have an HDMI input that allows you to easily connect any portable device with HDMI cable. These can be camcorders, game consoles or portable video/DVD players, for example. The HDMI socket can be installed either concealed or freely accessible in the dashboard - depending on the intended use. For road safety reasons, image reproduction is only possible when stationary, e.g. in traffic jams.

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