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Alpine Adventure Audio

The Alpine Adventure Audio systems are vehicle-specific and adapted to the special spatial situations and needs in motorhomes and recreational vehicles. Alpine uses new and innovative sound technologies for this special area of application, with which excellent sound results can be achieved that would not be possible with standard loudspeakers.

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Alpine Adventure Audio
Alpine Adventure Audio

for VW T6 / T6.1

With the new high-end component speaker system SPC-106T6 you bring audiophile sound quality to your Volkswagen T6 / T6.1.

This Alpine Adventure Audio System perfectly combines "function and form": Enjoy the absolutely precise sound of the silk dome tweeters. Stylishly designed stainless steel covers in the A-pillar underline the special quality of this sound system.

The two door mid-range speakers with a wide frequency range present the rich details of your favorite songs with powerful mids and amazing texture and accuracy.

The components of the Alpine loudspeaker system use the original installation locations in the VW bus for easy installation. The original VW plugs and the original wiring harness are used. The system is compatible with the VW blackout system in the VW T6 California and can be upgraded to a concert ensemble with a powerful 300 watt subwoofer and a 6-channel DSP amplifier.

Alpine Adventure Audio

for Fiat Ducato

With the Adventure Audio System for the Fiat Ducato 3, ALPINE is the first to offer a vehicle-specific sound system for the most popular base vehicle in many motorhomes. It comprises two radial speakers, a subwoofer and a matching power amplifier in a small size. All components are of course to be installed plug & play in the Fiat Ducato. In no case do they affect existing installations or covers.

The Alpine Adventure Audio System for the Fiat Ducato 3 (and identical vehicles) improves the sound of your motorhome in 3 stages.

Expansion Stages

 1. Companion Ensemble

The first expansion stage with the 10cm radial speaker system SPC-R100-DU for the Fiat Ducato 3 and identical vehicles improves the sound image many times over, especially in the midrange.

Installation is easy because the speaker cables are connected to the original tweeter and plugged into the Alpine speakers with the help of an adapter.

2. Crescendo ensemble with subwoofer

The SWC-D84S subwoofer system for the Fiat Ducato 3 and identical motorhomes is installed under the cup holder in the center console. The shape and material of the subwoofer housing adapt exactly to the center console and integrate perfectly into the vehicle. It is very easy to install and is screwed to the center console.

By installing this subwoofer, the sound in the bass range is enormously improved and the overall sound is more powerful and dynamic.

3. Concert ensemble with DSP amplifier

The third expansion stage "Concert Ensemble" for the Alpine Adventure Audio System is a compact mono amplifier that gives the Alpine subwoofer more power and dynamism. This amplifier makes the bass even stronger and more dynamic and ensures an excellent audio experience in your motorhome.

The amplifier is hidden in the foot area next to other electronic components. The supplied wiring harness makes this very easy, so that no great expenditure of time is required. A bass control, which is built into the dashboard, allows quick access to the bass level for individual adjustment.

Your journey into a new sound experience

The Alpine Adventure Audio System for the Fiat Ducato 3 (and identical vehicles) improves the sound of your motorhome in 3 stages.

Alpine Adventure Audio

for Mercedes Sprinter 907/910

The Adventure Audio sound system for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is also modular and can supplement or completely replace the existing sound system to make enjoying music in your Sprinter a real experience.

In the first expansion stage, the original door speakers and tweeters are replaced with particularly high-quality speakers from Alpine. This raises both the intelligibility of speech and the level of detail in music reproduction to a new level. This unique sound upgrade is not only something you can hear, but also see: The elegant tweeter covers discreetly yet emphatically enhance the interior of your Mercedes Sprinter.

With a high-quality subwoofer and a 6-channel DSP amplifier perfectly matched to the Sprinter, you can significantly improve the surround sound and bass reproduction of your Sprinter even further. The Concert Ensemble is available for vehicles equipped with the original Mercedes-Benz 1-DIN radio or the MBUX navigation system, as well as for vehicles using a multimedia device from Alpine or another aftermarket manufacturer.

The 180W subwoofer, whose housing has been specially adapted for the Mercedes Sprinter, is also available separately and must be connected to a suitable separate amplifier. With this bass upgrade, you create the foundation for the unique Alpine sound in your Sprinter.

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