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Motorhome Camera Systems

For maximum safety

Alpine HDR Cameras

Alpine HDR rear-view cameras give you even more safety and overview with state-of-the-art camera technology and full on-screen operation. Brilliant HDR technology offers greater security compared to conventional camera systems and significantly better image quality for easier manoeuvring. 

Camera Types

Alpine basically has 4 types of cameras that are used for different purposes:

Reversing camera: this camera offers a fixed viewing angle that facilitates reversing and displays everything directly behind your motorhome. Helpful distance lines help you correctly estimate the distances to objects. These are the Alpine models HCE-C1100D and HCE-C1100.

Multi-View rear camera: this camera allows switching between 4 viewing angles: standard rear view, panoramic rear view with very wide viewing angle, corner view with split screen view to the left and right, as well as a floor view with view directly downwards in order to connect precisely to a trailer, for example. Alpine Model HCE-2100RD

Multi-View Front Camera: Especially for motorhomes and SUVs, a forward view is particularly useful for narrow and blind exits, so that approaching pedestrians or vehicles can be recognised in good time. This camera also offers 4 switchable viewing angles to adapt the camera image to the respective situation. Alpine Model HCE-C2600FD

Side Camera: This camera has a fixed viewing angle and is used to monitor the sides of the motorhome, for example. Another application is to monitor the grey water drainage, for example. This allows you to manoeuvre your motorhome comfortably over the grey water drain and watch everything from your Alpine display. Alpine Model HCE-CS1100


High-resolution image quality with excellent detail
Quick image adjustment when switching from shadow to sunlight
High contrast even in low ambient light and strong sunlight
Various camera mounting accessories available

Alpine HDR cameras offer you maximum security and a perfect overview with state-of-the-art camera technology and full on-screen usability.

Rear view

The rear view shows what is directly behind the vehicle. This view is used, for example, when reversing into a parking space or in the parking lot. The distance lines can be individually adapted to the width of your motorhome. In addition, you can show a centreline to make it easier to sew into a trailer.

With multi-view cameras, you can also choose between the different viewing angles in the bottom bar.

Panoramic view

The panoramic view shows a wide view behind the vehicle. Use this view if you want to see a larger area than normal behind the vehicle. This is particularly helpful when manoeuvring in a busy parking space in order to detect children playing or people walking around at an early stage. 

Corner view

The corner view divides the screen so that you see a better view of the left and right area behind (in front of the front camera) the vehicle. There is also an image-in-image function that shows the normal rear view in a small section. This viewing angle is particularly helpful for the final and accurate positioning of your mobile phone in a tight parking space or parking space. Here you can find your desired stop position down to the exact centimetre.

Top view

The top view shows a view from above for precise parking or to connect a trailer, for example. In addition, the rear view is displayed as an image-in-image. What is important here is the perfect adjustment of the distance lines in order to enable manoeuvring with centimetre accuracy.

Smart integration

Installation solutions

For Fiat Ducato 3 and similar motorhomes

The KIT-R1DUC makes it easy and clean to install an Alpine HDR reversing camera without having to drill additional holes on the rear wall of your motorhome.

The installation kit simply adds an Alpine HDR camera to the third brake light and integrates it optimally into the vehicle. To avoid additional drilling, the KIT-R1DUC uses the original screw holes of the brake light. The camera cable itself uses the existing cable bushings in the rear panel. This enables quick and safe installation of the camera. The housing is made of weatherproof plastic and has rubber seals to prevent rainwater from entering the interior.


Universal installation kit

The  HCE-C2100RD-MHU enables a very clean and versatile installation of the supplied Alpine HCE-C2100RD HDR reversing camera on your mobile phone. The holder is designed for universal mounting on motorhomes and can be individually adjusted to achieve the right angle for optimal image reproduction. The use of UV- and weather-resistant plastic ensures a long service life. The waterproof silicone seals and the corresponding shape ensure that no rainwater can get inside your motorhome. Thanks to the universal installation option, it is necessary to attach a bushing to the mobile home. 

Perfect positioning

Grey water camera

The Alpine HCE-CS1100  is actually designed as a side-view camera, but can also be used to monitor certain functions in motorhomes - for example as a grey water drain camera. With the overlayable guide lines, you can position your motorhome perfectly over the wastewater goblin and conveniently monitor the drainage process from the driver's seat.  

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