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Alpine motorhome navigation

Relaxed driving and arriving

Alpine offers high-quality navigation systems for all common motorhome platforms (such as Fiat Ducato 3, Citroen Jumper 2, Peugeot Boxer 2, Iveco Daily, Mercedes Benz Sprinter and Vito, Volkswagen Crafter & T5/T6, Ford Transit and many others). Your Alpine system comes with pre-installed maps for 48 European countries and you can easily purchase additional countries and regions online to update your database (including USA, Canada and many more). It features the latest navigation software iGo Primo nextgen and is compatible with both GPS and Glonass. The TomTom navigation maps offer free updates for 3 years and you can adjust the map with a finger zoom.

Everything in view

9-inch touchscreen

Alpine offers several navigation systems for motorhomes. The display size, type of installation (tablet style or fully integrated) and design play an important role in this. This allows you to select the right Alpine device for your requirements and mobile it in your motorhome.

Alpine offers 9 "touch screen systems for all common motorhomes, as this display size has proven to be ideal. The driver looks at all map details, such as street names, comfortably from the driving position without having to lean close to the display. You can also work very well with a split screen on 9-inch screens, which shows you, for example, the navigation map and audio information at the same time. However, if a flush mounted monitor promises you more than a tablet solution, Alpine has several solutions to choose from (8, 7 and 6.5 inch displays).

The latest system generation for Fiat Ducato 3, Peugeot Boxer 2 and Citroën Jumper 2 offers, among other things, a new, modern design, a swivelling display (X903D-DU2 only). The swivelling mechanism allows the driver and passenger to always have a good readability of the display, even in direct sunlight.

Always up-to-date

TomTom maps

Your Alpine system has pre-installed map data from 48 European countries as standard. You can purchase additional countries and regions online at any time and thus expand your database. Alpine systems use iGo Primo nextgen navigation software with TomTom maps and offer free map updates for the first three years. The system uses GPS and Glonas satellites for better positioning.

Map updates can be downloaded and installed via the Naviextras Portal. This is free for the first 3 years. Country updates can then be purchased individually or as sets (e.g. DACH - Germany, Austria, Switzerland).


Tailored to your motorhome

Motorhome profiles

For all Alpine motorhome navigation devices, you can choose between 3 different motorhome profiles (S to 3.5 t/M 3.5 t 7.5 t/L over 7.5 t) or create your own profile by manually entering the vehicle length, height, width and weight. The Alpine system takes the dimensions and weight of your vehicle into account and only suggests routes that are suitable for your vehicle.

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The best camping site data

park4night inside

The popular camping site and pitch guide from park4night is already pre-installed in Alpine motorhome navigation systems.
The comprehensive database offers over 120,000 campsites and pitches throughout Europe and can be accessed offline on your screen at any time. The search for your next campsite can be carried out specifically by category, country, region, along your route or for a destination.
The corresponding symbols provide you with additional information on the available services (e.g. availability of WLAN or waste water disposal) and opening hours of the individual camping sites.
You can view the distance, many ratings, comments and even images for optimal selection of suitable campsites or pitches. Once a suitable place has been found, you can navigate there at the push of a button. With the telephone numbers stored, the operator of the camping site can be reached directly and easily via the hands-free system of your Alpine device during route planning.
The annual update of the park4night database on the Alpine device can be carried out at any time if necessary (subject to a fee).

No address - no problem

GEO Coordinates

Many good campsites, pitches or places of interest are located off the main roads without clear addresses or street names. With Alpine navigation devices, you can enter your own GEO-coordinates to determine your destination and be navigated directly to it. This allows you to reach even the most remote campsites without any problems.

Points of Interest

POI Search & Import

Alpine motorhome navigation systems include thousands of campsites, petrol stations, restaurants and many other POIs throughout Europe. The campsite information from Bordatlas is also pre-installed. In addition, however, you can also add the optional Camper POI database later. Such databases can be purchased online and then imported into the Alpine device as a kml file.

Everything in view

3D Maps & TMC Traffic Info

View maps in 3D with detailed buildings and sights. This function helps you to find your way around big cities. The display of the speed limit and speed camera warnings (optionally available) are further driver assistance functions.

The lane assistant shows the driver the correct lane, while the TMC (dynamic route guidance) provides live traffic information so that you can avoid traffic jams and the route is recalculated if necessary.

Thanks to TMC, traffic information is updated live. This allows you to plan your route optimally before you start your journey. With the help of the route overview, you get an overview of the entire route and can easily avoid traffic jams and traffic problems. These are shown on the map with warning symbols, while roads with slow or stationary traffic are shown in different colors.

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