New refrigerators from Webasto for special space requirements

(Pressebox) There are two new refrigerators from Webasto, which are particularly suitable for camper vans or motorhomes and caravans with narrow kitchen units.

Freeline Slim 140

The Freeline Slim 140 makes optimal use of the valuable space in smaller vehicles because, despite its width of only 41.8 centimeters, it has a capacity of 140 liters. Although it even has an integrated two-star freezer compartment with a capacity of 17 liters, the refrigerator is extremely economical in terms of power consumption with 450 Wh / 24h. It owes this on the one hand to the use of the refrigerant R290, which with its low Global Warming Potential (GWP) with a value of 3 is not only very energy-efficient, but also environmentally friendly. On the other hand, its well thought-out insulation concept contributes to this.

The new "Silent Night" function is very user-friendly: the mode can be selected for a maximum of ten hours at the push of a button. The compressor then reduces its speed and thus the volume of the refrigerator.

The "SMART" function is just as clever: as long as the refrigerator is supplied with power via a 230V connection, it cools its contents further than necessary. If the refrigerator is then supplied with electricity from the battery, for example while driving, it needs less electricity because it can now use the cold that was previously stored in the food. The Silent Night and SMART functions can also be activated at the same time.

Freeline Slim 140 also has a “smart tray” that is located between the freezer and refrigerator compartments. The cold distribution can be individually optimized through two slots that can be flexibly opened or closed.

A CI bus interface offers the option of integrating the refrigerator control into the vehicle's central control system.

© Freeline Slim 140, Foto: Webasto
  • Freeline Slim 140, Foto: Webasto

BI 30

The refrigerator BI 30 is a small but powerful refrigerator with a new micro compressor. It offers convenient access from above and is very economical in terms of energy consumption. Its 30 liter capacity can be used flexibly and optimally thanks to an optional inner basket. The BI 30 has a digital thermostat with a temperature display. This refrigerator, with its extremely small construction volume, is particularly recommended for very compact vehicles whose users nevertheless do not want to do without a powerful integrated compressor refrigerator.

The extremely space-saving refrigerator is, for example, installed as standard in the new Vantourer Urban based on a Mercedes-Benz V-Class from Eurocaravaning.

© BI 30 Kühlschrank, Foto: Webasto
  • BI 30 Kühlschrank, Foto: Webasto