© Foto: Zoo Zajac

Germany's best pitches from a dog's point of view

What really matters to your dog

Motorhome pitches differ considerably - every dog ​​knows that too. Only man's best friend sets slightly different criteria for his dream goals. The RV couch has brought together seven of them.


Binz on Rügen with its over 100 meters long sand and pebble beach east of the glamorous pier. The fisherman's beach is only for dogs and their companions. The three kilometer long beach promenade with its many strollers is a paradise for every four-legged taster. The fish beach is within walking distance from the "Binz mobile home oasis".


© Foto: Kurverwaltung Ostseebad Binz
  • Foto: Kurverwaltung Ostseebad Binz


Friedrichskoog north of the Elbe estuary offers mudflat walks for dogs, mistresses and masters. The mobile homes are parked in a public parking lot, which has a water connection and disposal facilities.


Lübbecke in Westphalia has the largest dog sports hall in Germany. There are education courses, puppy imprinting, obedience, agility in individual training or as a workshop. The parking space for mobile homes is located directly at the academy.


Achim bei Bremen doesn't have much to offer, but Germany's only outlet center for pets. From a dog's point of view, the only thing missing in the factory outlet of the food manufacturer Vitakraft is a tasting bar. More information: www.vitakraft.de . The RV port at Knaus Camping Park, seven kilometers from Vitakraft, is a very nice and excellently equipped, but not exactly cheap, pitch.


Duisburg is also of rather moderate tourist interest for two-legged people, although the city comes out on top among dogs. Responsible for this is the Zajac (Polish for rabbit) pet shop, which operates a washing facility specially for dogs. More information: www.zajac.de . The nearby landscape park parking space offers disposal facilities, water and electricity.

© Foto: Zoo Zajac
  • Foto: Zoo Zajac


The Grunewaldsee is not only the Gassi Eldorado (and the nightmare for dog phobics) of the capital, the Paulsborn restaurant is also Germany's only dog ​​restaurant. Basically it is a snack bar, but its exquisite range makes every dog's heart beat faster. In the restaurant and beer garden next to it, mum and dad can dine when the dog has had enough. More information: www.paulsborn.de . The Sunset Marina parking space on Lake Pichelsee is 12 kilometers away from haute cuisine.


Hanover offers a unique Thai massage for four-legged friends in the Panjali dog salon. The owner treats every tired dog muscle. More information: www.hundesalon-panjali.de . The Herrenhausen Gardens parking space is seven kilometers away and is simple, but the baroque park is definitely worth a visit. Ideally during the treatment of the four-legged friend, because it is not allowed in the palace gardens.