Camping Sweden

Camping in Sweden is fascinating, adventurous, and beautiful. Gigantic forests, crystal-clear lakes, and fascinating northern lights - it is not said that Sweden is called "the last wilderness of Europe" for nothing. An incredible 60 % of the country's surface is covered with forest. As Sweden stretches from south to north, the landscapes are very varied: from the picturesque archipelagos near Karlskrona and Stockholm, to the lake landscape in Småland, and untouched nature in the northernmost region of Lapland. The breath-taking nature and highlights such as the midnight sun, the polar night and the northern lights make both adventurers' and campers' hearts beat faster.

Camping Sweden: Why is it worth it?

Deserted areas where nature can still unfold, a coastline totalling 3,218 kilometres and wooded areas where polar foxes and bears live - the description of Sweden reads almost like an adventure novel. A total of 29 national parks and an incredible 3,200 nature reserves show how important nature is to the Swedes. Camping in Sweden is the dream of many campers, adventurers, and nature photographers, as here holidaymakers can still experience unspoilt nature far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In addition to its breath-taking nature, the Scandinavian country boasts an overwhelming camping offering with 9,000 holiday homes, 75,000 pitches and 450 campsites that invite you to come camping in Sweden. Those arriving by motorhome, caravan or camper van can expect fully equipped campsites with restaurants, outdoor pools and a wide range of sports and leisure facilities.

Did you know that Sweden is the cheapest camping country in Europe? In spring 2021, the ADAC camping portal was able to confirm this assumption, which has long since got around among Sweden fans. For a camper family with two adults and one child, you pay an average of 35 euros per night. Meaning that Sweden camping is particularly cheap. Most campsites in Sweden are open all year round.

Camping Sweden: The most beautiful places

Sweden impresses with thousands of islands off the coast, countless lakes, imposing coniferous forests and glacier mountains. It's not easy to decide on one particular campsite. To make your choice a little easier, we present the most beautiful campsites in Sweden, divided into southern, central, and northern Sweden.​​​​​​​

Camping Sweden: The most beautiful campsites in southern Sweden

Unique sandy and rocky beaches run along the more than 3,000 kilometres long coastline, idyllic lakes, and forests in Astrid Lindgren's homeland of Småland and colourful Swedish cottages everywhere amidst the green landscape: this is the best way to describe the varied south. Popular campsites in the south include Mariannelund, Asarum and Kalmar. These are the most beautiful campsites in the south of Sweden:

1. Spilhammars Camping in Mariannelund: Our recommendation for both families with children and dog owners. From 20 euros per night. Between Jönköpings län and Kalmar län, this wonderful, and dog-friendly, campsite is located in the middle of an idyllic pine forest. The camping area is the perfect starting point for numerous activities: whether that is a trip to one of Europe's oldest trees, a climbing tour in Trollegata or a hike past the lakes and forests that inspired Astrid Lindgren to write her stories.

Facilities: Cooking facilities, central campfire site, Wi-Fi, electricity, tables & benches for tent campers, barrier-free access to the water.

2. Långasjönäs Camping in Asarum:

Our Sweden campsite recommendation for families and couples. From 29 euros per night. In the middle of the Långasjönäs nature reserve stretches this picturesque campsite. Unparalleled tranquillity, beautiful landscapes and ancient ruins provide the site with character. The campsite is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches that invite you to swim and build sandcastles. Not far from the campsite you have the opportunity to fish for salmon and trout in clear waters.

Facilities: Wi-Fi, electricity, central campfire site, firewood available, cooking facilities, barrier-free access to the water, recreation room.

3. Kalmar Camping - Rafshagsudden:

Our campsite recommendation for seniors and families. From 30 euros per night. Azure waters, idyllic archipelagos, and bays - another side of Sweden. At Kalmar Camping Sweden, outdoor lovers and campers get their money's worth. The campsites are located on a peninsula in the sea and are close to breath-taking nature reserves. The family campsite is the ideal starting point for cycling tours and hikes. Boat trips, free fishing and sailing are also possible here.

Facilities: Wi-Fi, electricity, central campfire site, lounge, tables & benches for tent campers, cooking facilities, barrier-free access to the water.

Camping Sweden: The most beautiful campsites in central Sweden

As campers move further north or east from the south, the landscape becomes heavily forested and numerous lakes appear. The transition from southern to central Sweden is characterised with many historic villages, pine and birch groves and countless sparkling lakes. In the west of central Sweden, the landscape becomes increasingly mountainous – where the foothills of the Scandinavian mountains are located. Central Sweden is also home to the country's two largest lakes, Lake Vänern and Lake Vättern. The top places for camping in Sweden include Tived, Skärholmen and Torsby.

1. Camping Tiveden in Tived: Our recommendation for those seeking rest and relaxation. From 24 euros per night. Close to the Tiveden National Park, this campsite is far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The region is appreciated for its pristine forest, versatile excursion possibilities and gigantic rock formations. Sweden Camping offers pitches directly by the lake and romantic glamping tents. Tip: Enjoy the beautiful sunsets over Lake Unden.

Facilities: Playground, WLAN, electricity, cooking facilities, sanitary facilities, washing machine & dryer.

2. Bredäng Camping Stockholm in Skärholmen: Our recommendation for youth groups and guests with dogs. From 30 euros per night. This idyllic campsite is just a stone's throw from Mälarhöjdsbadet lido. Surrounded by shady deciduous trees, this camping site is the perfect place to relax. There are plenty of entertainment options nearby, such as mini golf and an indoor swimming pool. In addition, the campsite is only 10 kilometres southwest of Stockholm city - perfect for culture lovers, youth groups or students who want to experience something away from Sweden's nature.

Facilities: Wi-Fi, electricity, tables & benches for tent campers.

3. Camping 45 in Torsby: Our recommendation for seniors and those seeking relaxation. From 23 euros per night. This small but nice campsite is both family and environmentally friendly and is under German-speaking management. You can rent boats or bicycles directly at the campsite. A sauna and the campsite's own pool provide relaxation after a hike in the surrounding nature. The charming municipality of Torsby, located in the very north of Värmland, captivates with Lake Fryken, green forests and colourful Swedish cottages.

Facilities: central campfire site, firewood available, Wi-Fi, electricity, cooking facilities, barrier-free access to the water, cooking facilities, recreation room.

Camping Sweden: The most beautiful campsites in northern Sweden

Northern Sweden is considered to be the last untouched wilderness in Europe and is the dream destination of many adventurers and campers. Glaciers, rushing metre-high waterfalls and the northern lights are what make northern Sweden so fascinating. Whether spectacular natural phenomena in the northernmost region of Lapland, adventurous river trips on the Västerdalsälven river or jam jar moments between fjord and the forest in Höga Kusten: Northern Sweden, which has just about 3 inhabitants per km², is an ‘Eldorado’ for outdoor and nature lovers. Among the most beautiful camping Sweden places are Ramvik and Åsarna.

1. Snibbens Camping, Stugby & Vandrarhem in Ramvik:

Our recommendation for both couples and guests with dogs. From 28 euros per night. This enchanting campsite is located just 2 kilometres from the Höga Coast Bridge, making it the ideal starting point for trips to the Höga Kusten area.

The area is known for its impressive fjords and forests. The camping area is surrounded by shady birch trees and is situated on a small promontory right by Lake Mörtsee.

Facilities: Beach café & barbecue, electricity, Wi-Fi.

2. Kvarnsjö Camp o Vandrarhem, Kvarnsjö in Åsarna:

Our recommendation for horse riding fans and nature lovers. From 23 euros per night. Terraced camping pitches with a fantastic view. The camping area is the ideal starting point for cycling and riding tours.

The charming municipality of Åsarna in southern Jämtland lies on the western shore of Lake Hålen and is known for its picturesque landscapes. The site's own sauna provides relaxation after riding, cycling, or hiking.

Facilities: Wi-Fi, sauna, fresh bread, playground equipment, baby changing room, sunbathing lawn.

Camping Sweden:

What holidaymakers should know

In Sweden, the so-called "allemansrätt" (Everyman's Right) applies. It has been part of the Swedish constitution since 1994 and states that everyone has free access to nature in Sweden. So bathing, boating, berry picking and pitching a tent in the wild nature are explicitly allowed in the Scandinavian country. If you want to spend the night in the wilderness far from campsites, it is not a problem in Sweden. However, the Everyman's Right does not apply to motorized vehicles such as campers. In addition, you should observe the following rules:

  1. Do not pitch your motorhome within sight of private houses

  2. Do not leave rubbish behind

  3. Do not make noise

  4. Do not light a fire

  5. Wild camping is usually prohibited in national parks & nature reserves

For winter sports enthusiasts, the best time to travel to Sweden is from December to April.
To see the Northern Lights, the transitional periods from autumn to winter and from winter to spring are best.
For a beach holiday on the coast, the months of July and August are recommended.
If you simply want to enjoy Sweden's breath-taking landscapes, you can visit the country all year round.

These are the top attractions in Sweden:

  •     Stockholm's Old Town
  •     Northern Lights in the Lapland Region
  •     Dog sledding in Lapland
  •     The deep forests of Värmland
  •     Exciting cruises on the Göta Canal
  •     Stone coast in the north of the island of Gotland
  •     The curious UFO Monument in Ängelholm


Frequently asked questions about camping in Sweden

On average how much does camping in Sweden cost per night?
In the high season, a camper family with 2 adults and 1 child should expect to pay around 30 to 35 euros per night. This makes Sweden the cheapest camping country.

Is wild camping allowed in Sweden?
If you follow a few rules, yes. Wild camping is even expressly permitted in Sweden - this is what the so-called 'Everyman's Right' says.

Is Sweden suitable for camping with children?
Absolutely. The Scandinavian country has a large number of family-friendly campsites and attractions for children, such as the adventure forest in the film village of Småland, the animal park at Hunnebostrand or Markaryd's moose safari.


Camping in Sweden will captivate you: Spectacular natural phenomena such as the midnight sun and the Northern Lights, glaciers, rushing waterfalls, archipelagos, deep forests and fascinating wildlife await you. Pack your bags and off you go to the land of moose, bears and arctic foxes!

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