© Der Spargel wird in Karlstadt und Umgebung wie hier im Bild ganz klassisch mit Schinken, Kartoffeln und Sauce Hollandaise serviert, aber auch mit Fisch. Dazu passt jeweils am besten ein fränkischer Silvaner. Foto: djd/Stadt Karlstadt/printemps/Fotolia
A pair of Franconian dreams from royal vegetables and a fresh wine

Asparagus loves Silvaner

(djd). Fans of the fine delights cheer up the asparagus season every year. This usually starts in April. Delicious gourmets and wine lovers should plan a short holiday to the Franconian vineyard in these weeks. Franken is known for its top wines, which go particularly well with "royal" vegetables. Gourmets get their money's worth in the picturesque Karlstadt am Main, for example, where delicate dishes and drinks are served in the duet at the asparagus season. Enjoyment is not only now a top priority: Wine and farm festivals, hedgehogs and nurseries invite you to try it out almost all year round. All information is available at www.karlstadt.de.

Silvaner: Dry white wine with tender spices and fine acid

But which wine is the best match for asparagus? "Spargel loves Silvaner" is Bruno Kohlmann's clear recommendation, Flaakwinzer from the Karlstadter district of Mühlbach and Vice-President of the Franconian Winemaking Association. Silvaner is usually removed dry, with delicate wort and fine acid. In Karlstadt and the surrounding area, the asparagus is enjoyed in the classic way with ham or schnitzel, potatoes and Hollandaise sauce, but it is also cleverly served in combination with Asian characteristics, for example, where flavours such as curry are used. Light dishes are also on trend - for example asparagus combined with fish and saffron or purely vegetarian with other vegetables such as carrot and refined with vanilla flavourings. "Trying is about studying: On a short holiday, you should enjoy the asparagus in many variations and with a fresh silvaner, "says winemaker Bruno Kohlmann.

Why is there a "cut-off date" for asparagus?

The asparagus season in Germany lasts until Johannistag on 24 June. But why is that? Could asparagus theoretically not be pierced far beyond this date? That's right - but the harvest would be correspondingly narrower next year. Johannistag is therefore mainly used by many asparagus farmers for their own interest as a cut-off date for the end of the harvest. In this way, the asparagus fields are preserved and a proud asparagus learning can be achieved again next year.

© "Weißes Gold": Fränkischer Spargel ist eine echte Spezialität. Foto: djd/Stadt Karlstadt/Juefraphoto/Fotolia
  • "Weißes Gold": Fränkischer Spargel ist eine echte Spezialität. Foto: djd/Stadt Karlstadt/Juefraphoto/Fotolia