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11 inch display with Wireless CarPlay


With the Halo11 (iLX-F115D), ALPINE now offers a new and larger variant of the popular Halo series. After there are already various installation solutions for the 9-inch variant (Halo9) for the most common motorhome base vehicles (including Fiat Ducato 8), these are now also available for the Halo11. The impressive 11-inch display offers a 50% larger screen area compared to a 9-inch monitor and is thus fully in line with the trend of the times.


Like the Halo9, the Halo11 leaves little to be desired in terms of features. The most important features include DAB+ digital radio, 3 preamplifier outputs, playback of Hi-Res Audio, FLAC, MP3 and WMA files, an HDMI input and output for external screens or DVD players.

With Android Auto and Wireless Apple CarPlay, the Halo11 also allows you to use many apps installed on your mobile phone while driving. These include navigation apps such as Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps, or music apps such as Spotify and Amazon Music.

As an additional highlight for music enthusiasts, the ALPINE Halo11 supports the music streaming service TIDAL - lossless and MQA certified. This makes ALPINE the first manufacturer worldwide to offer Hi-Res Audio streaming in the car audio sector.

For excellent sound quality, a fully digital amplifier is built into the devices of the Halo series, also for the first time worldwide. This means that an astonishing output of 4x 50 watts/RMS is already available without additional amplifiers.
With the integrated 56-band parametric equaliser, you can also get the optimum sound quality out of your existing speaker system and adjust it to your personal preferences.

The Halo11 also has 2 camera connections for Alpine HDR direct cameras that can be operated via the touchscreen. The camera direct button can also be used to quickly activate the rear camera while driving.

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ALPINE Halo11- iLX-F115DU8 | © ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH
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Option for Fiat Ducato 8

Swivel and tilt screen

For the Fiat Ducato 8, a version of the Halo11 with a tilt and swivel display is also available (iLX-F115DU8S). The 11-inch touchscreen with an HD resolution of 1280 x 720p (WXGA) can be flexibly adjusted in all four directions to suit the conditions and personal preferences in the vehicle. Before installation, the screen can be moved inwards or outwards by 20 mm, and in height by as much as 60 mm. After installation in the vehicle, the screen can then be tilted forwards by 45 degrees or backwards by 20 degrees at this position. Horizontally, a swivelling radius of ± 10 degrees is possible for the driver or passenger.

Halo11 - iLXF115DU8S | © ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH
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Alpine Halo11, iLX-F115D Ford Transit | © ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH
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The ALPINE Halo11 fits perfectly into the 1-DIN slot of the Ford Transit Custom (iLX-F115TRA).

Fits many motorhomes and campers

The new ALPINE Halo 11 is available both as a universal unit for any vehicle with a 1-DIN installation slot, and as a custom-fit installation set for many of the common motorhome base vehicles. The installation sets consist of the vehicle-specific brackets and plastic panels as well as the matching cable sets and interfaces, which continue to guarantee the operation of all vehicle functions, such as the steering wheel remote control.

Currently, the Halo11 is offered in a complete package including installation material for the following vehicles:

  •     Fiat Ducato 3 (iLX-F115DU)
  •     Fiat Ducato 8 (iLX-F115DU8)
  •     Fiat Ducato 8 - swivel and tilt (iLX-F115DU8S)
  •     Ford Transit Custom (iLX-F115TRA)
  •     Mercedes Sprinter S907 (iLX-F115S907)
  •     VW T5/T6 (iLX-F115T6)
  •     VW T6.1 (iLX-F115T61)

There will also be a solution for the VW Crafter in the near future.

ALPINE Halo11 im VW T6, iLX-F115T6 | © ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH
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ALPINE Halo11- Mercedes Sprinter, iLX-F115S907 | © ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH
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Wireless Volume Controller

An optional volume control knob (RUE-BK01) is available for the Alpine Halo11, which can be mounted on either the left or right side of the unit, or anywhere else in the vehicle. The connection to the Halo11 is wireless via Bluetooth.

ALPINE Halo11 wireless volume controller RUE-BK01 | © ALPS ALPINE Europe GmbH
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For sound enthusiasts, Alpine solutions are the first choice in motorhomes.