CARica - inductive charging cradle for Fiat Ducato

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  • Foto: RTA
The Austrian accessories manufacturer RTA has developed an inductive charging cradle for smartphones especially for the Fiat Ducato.

Anyone who wants to charge the battery of their mobile phone while driving is familiar with the problem: Annoying fiddling with the charging cable, looking for a free slot on the dashboard and then - tangled cables in the cockpit, which is particularly annoying, even dangerous, on long journeys in the motorhome or commercial vehicle can be. There is now good news for the owners of a Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer or Citroen Jumper. The Austrian accessories specialist RTA is now bringing an innovative induction charging cradle onto the market: CARICA, a charging tray that fits perfectly into the dashboard and enables convenient wireless charging.

Whether Android or Apple, CARICA powers every mobile phone that is suitable for inductive charging according to the Qi standard. Simply place the smartphone on the charging station - the electrical energy is then transferred wirelessly to the Qi charging coils in the smartphone via coils inside the induction charger. CARICA has three integrated coils - this increases the contact area, ensures loading security and guarantees optimal “refueling” in every position of the mobile phone.
With CARICA, the charging process can be controlled with an on and off button in order to specifically prevent deep discharging, continuous charging or overcharging and thus also extend the service life of the battery.

CARICA fits perfectly into the Ducato dashboard - without colliding with the large 9 ″ displays of some of the newer multimedia navigation systems. The lockable cover prevents the mobile phone from slipping out or slipping while driving. Hidden “under the hood”, the smartphone is effectively protected from prying eyes.

The installation of CARICA is child's play: replace the original stand for the high-quality, stylishly designed charging station, connect CARICA to the on-board network via plug & play - done. Corresponding vehicle-specific cables are already included in the scope of delivery.

CARICA is available in two versions that not only support inductive charging. Both CARICA variants also have two slots for connecting additional devices for a multimedia navigation device or car radio integrated in the vehicle. These additional ports are real problem solvers when the USB / HDMI / AUX-In connections of the control device are on the back of the device.
The CARICA variant 1 (Art. No. 700.0701.0001) has a USB and an HDMI extension cable, variant 2 (Art. No. 700.0701.0002) has a USB and a jack / AUX port extension cable. The retail price for both CARICA versions is 149 euros each.

CARICA is distributed exclusively by RTA Mobile Electronics, located in Oberndorf, Austria. RTA Mobile Electronics is a registered trademark of PMA Mobile Electronics GmbH. The development and sales company specializes in accessories in the areas of car hi-fi, multimedia and mobile communication; the portfolio includes, for example, CAN bus and steering wheel adapters, panel sets and DAB + signal amplifiers. With this product range, RTA is one of the leading specialists in Europe.
RTA sells its products across Europe exclusively through specialist wholesalers and retailers.

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