Speeding offences

Harsher penalties in Austria

Austria is tightening the penalties for speeding from 1 March. In extreme cases, the vehicle may be confiscated.

Speed trap | © Foto: Unsplash
  • Foto: Unsplash
Stricter penalties for speeding offences have been in force in Austria since 1 March 2024.

If a driver is caught speeding at more than 60 km/h in urban areas or more than 70 km/h outside urban areas, the vehicle can in future be temporarily confiscated immediately for a maximum of two weeks. If a driver is even caught travelling at 80 km/h in urban areas or 90 km/h outside urban areas, the vehicle can be permanently confiscated and auctioned off. If the vehicle does not belong to the speeding driver, only temporary confiscation is permitted.

Austria has already significantly increased the fines for speeding in 2021. Anyone travelling at 30 km/h too fast must pay at least 150 euros. In particularly serious cases and for repeat offenders, the fine can even be up to 5,000 euros. Anyone caught speeding in the neighbouring country should pay immediately, advises the German automobile club ADAC. This is because Austrian fines can also be enforced in other European countries.

While fines can be enforced in other countries, a driving ban is currently only valid in the country in which it was imposed. In Austria, driving licences can be revoked for one month if the speed limit is exceeded by more than 40 km/h in urban areas and more than 50 km/h outside urban areas. (aum)