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Pintrip - Travel Guide to Denmark's most beautiful camping spots

Discover Denmark's wide range of agriculture

The FEFI (Fédération Européenne de la formule) covers many countries all over Europe, including Denmark. The small country between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea is a very popular country especially for vanlife enthusiasts. The Marguerite Route leads campers through the entire country and passes approximately 1000 of Denmark's smaller and larger attractions, sights and historic sites. This means a lot of travelling and of course lots of opportunities to spend the night at exciting and beautiful places. The ideal companion for those overnight stays is Pintrip, so in this article we will show you what Pintrip is all about.

How it started

Teamwork by husband and wife

2018 - Henriette Rask and her husband Peter stayed in Denmark for the summer and all the newspapers discussed an urgent problem in the Danish tourism industry – camper vans staying in protected environmental areas instead of using the Danish camping places. Henriette and Peter felt the same way – instead of staying at the camp sites, they wanted to have the real experience and get in contact with nature, but of course knew that illegally parking in the wild cannot be a sustainable solution.

Since the couple also tried out Landvergnügen in Germany a few years earlier, Henriette and Peter were already familiar with the concept and quickly became fans. “When you travel in a motorhome, you immediately are in vacation mode when you start your journey, not just when you arrive at your hotel” Henriette says. Being inside a motorhome for a few weeks is also a great way to bond as a family. Henriette and Peter have three sons and living together in such a small space, deciding together what to do and sharing many beautiful experiences helps to build deep connections as a family.

They decided to build up the same concept for Denmark, a camp site platform, where users can find farmers or other hosts to have deeper connections to the country and nature. Luckily, Henriette got the permission to pause her usual job as a medical secretary for 6 months, so they started working on Pintrip. It paid off and they quickly got in contact with 184 Danish hosts. The rest is history and Pintrip is now part of the FEFI network as the Danish member.

Impressions from Pintrip | © Impressions from Pintrip | Pintrip
  • Impressions from Pintrip | Pintrip

The team

The trio behind Pintrip

The story of Pintrip is a typical hands-on and do-it-yourself story. Henriette took a risk when leaving her actual job but can work full-time on Pintrip now. Her main job is getting in contact with new and existing hosts, developing the content for the yearly book and improving the app together with a developer. Her husband Peter still works as an educator but oversees packing and sending all the books each year as well as handling the logistics. The couple is supported by Nicoline, who is responsible for marketing, communication and translating the book. The trio is covering the entire country of Denmark and is improving the book and app year by year.

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  • Pintrip's team | Pintrip

How it works

Combining print & digital

Tourists in Denmark usually go to the typical spots like Copenhagen, Legoland or Odense, but Pintrip’s mission is to show the behind the scenes impressions of this beautiful country. The concept is identical to Landvergnügen and Schau aufs Land. Users purchasing the Pintrip guide receive a one-year membership allowing them to park at Pintrip’s 300 partners all around the country. Sometimes the camping spots may not be easy to reach, sometimes you have to take some rocky roads. But once you made it, users will experience a huge variety of hosts with all kinds of agricultural products. Additionally, the users will have access to the Pintrip app with updated information about the hosts and information about the Danish Highway Agency´s service areas for disposal of gray and black water. Pintrip’s partners benefit by inviting guests to their farms and showcasing their products.

The Pintrip app is the digital supplement to the physical guide and offers additional information to the Pintrip hosts. Users can also check the surroundings of their camping spots for activities and “hidden gems”.

Impressions from Pintrip | © Impressions from Pintrip | Pintrip
  • Impressions from Pintrip | Pintrip
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Knowing the hosts

A network of more than 300 hosts

What all platforms of the FEFI network have in common is the deep bond between the platform, the hosts and the guests. When staying at a farm, motorhome vans will have a real connection to all the agricultural products and the country. In order to maintain those deep connections Henriette and Peter put a big emphasis on getting to know the host- Since Denmark is a relatively small country the couple met every host and knows every camp site. “The most important thing is creating good experiences for guests and hosts. This way, hosts stay happy and keep on continuing inviting camping vans to their locations” Henriette told us.

Impressions from Pintrip | © Impressions from Pintrip | Pintrip
  • Impressions from Pintrip | Pintrip

Sustainable growth

Pintrip's future plans

When looking into the future, Henriette and Peter have an uncertain, but also optimistic view. Both are very excited for the German campers returning to Denmark after the long Corona break. The couple is also determined and steadily improve the guide and the app. “We will not expand to other countries, since this is part of the agreement of the FEFI network. But we will continue improving our guide and the user experience in our app“ Henriette says. Some examples are automatic language detection and GPS to get directions to the host among other features. We can’t wait to hear more from Pintrip and find out more Denmark’s most beautiful camping sites!

Impressions from Pintrip | © Impressions from Pintrip | Pintrip
  • Impressions from Pintrip | Pintrip