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Landvergnügen - the travel and pleasure guide through Germany

Experience the wide variety of agriculture at first hand

The most memorable holidays are not only about the beautiful places we visited. Or from the attractions and sights that impressed us. We often remember moments with locals when we felt the culture of a country at first hand. The travel and pleasure guide Landvergnügen has dedicated itself entirely to these encounters. And very successfully at that, because Landvergnügen is Germany's most successful travel guide. We introduce Landvergnügen in more detail and shed light on the concept and the team behind the scenes.

How it started

Revival of a French tradition

The idea of a travel and pleasure guide started in the vineyards of France 30 years ago. Because campers parked among the vines, there were always problems with the winegrowers, who then preferred to invite the campers to their wineries. This first hospitable gesture gave rise to France Passion, the French counterpart and godfather of Landvergnügen. In the meantime, the network Féderation Europénne de la Formule Invitations, FEFI for short, has been formed, which will cover a total of 9 countries from 2022, including Germany, France, Denmark, Great Britain, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Italy.

Ole Schnack, the founder of Landvergnügen, has been an enthusiastic fan of this type of holiday since 2012. Together with his wife and children, he travelled throughout France, discovering the country's many charming little villages and towns, and also came across France Passion. The young family was thrilled and as Ole Schnack was looking for a new professional challenge, the idea of Landvergnügen was born to bring the French principle to Germany.

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The team behind Landvergnügen

Camping longings from Berlin-Kreuzberg

In a factory floor in urban Berlin-Kreuzberg, of all places, the travel guide to nature and the longing to explore the beautiful Germans landscapes were born. A team of 10 people has been working here for almost 9 years, editorially creating the new travel guide, sales-wise expanding the host network and visually taking great photos.

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The concept

Steady, sustainable growth

Rapid growth and a perpetual expansion of the offer do not fit in with cosy camping and are therefore not part of the philosophy of Landvergnügen. On the other hand, close, sustainable contact with the hosts is very important. Evaluation criteria have been devised for them, which cover the so-called "nice-to-have criteria" such as electricity, water and shower, but also exclusion criteria. The main criteria, however, are the handcrafted, well-made products, especially food from the host establishments. Buzzwords such as slow food, preservation of species, diversification and extensive insights into production also distinguish the hosts and qualify them for inclusion in the travel and enjoyment guide. From breeding Scottish Highland sheep to ostrich farms to Germany's myriad breweries, all types of produce are covered. This is a way of bringing agricultural understanding and food values back into the consciousness of guests.

Since the network of over 1,300 hosts (as of January 2022) is now too large for the 10-member team, 100 families are on the road as Landvergnügen ambassadors throughout Germany to be available as a direct contact between Landvergnügen and the hosts, thus creating a close bond.

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How it works

Focussing on human experiences

Enjoyment and human encounters are at the heart of Landvergnügen. Thanks to the large number of farmers who are part of the host network, visitors can experience all kinds of culinary delights of a region. Whether it's cheese from the dairy farmer, honey directly from the beekeeper or fresh fruit and vegetables, the selection is wide and suitable for every taste. To make sure you don't lose track, a new print edition of Landvergnügen is published every year. It provides an overview of the approximately 1,200 destinations (as of December 2021), some of which are also prominently featured. In addition to the print edition, readers also receive the Landvergnügen annual vignette, which allows them to stay overnight at all the hosts mentioned for 24 hours at a time. This makes for a very varied holiday and at the same time allows as many camper fans as possible to stay with the different hosts.

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The travel guide who loves nature

Countless encounters also give rise to countless anecdotes. And so many great stories remain of travellers who spontaneously help their host to recapture escaped sheep or return to former hosts in Corona times to help with the harvest because the usual number of harvest workers has failed. And so it is no wonder that new "love letters", e.g. postcards, self-painted pictures or thank-you letters, flutter in at the Berlin office every week, wanting to share their great holiday experiences with Landvergnügen.

Together with the book as an emotional product that invites you to browse through it over the entire season and is not easily given out of your hand, and the app, which is the ideal supplement on long journeys, you can see immediately how much heart and soul has gone into the Landvergnügen project. If you don't feel like camping here, you won't get it anywhere else!

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