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Camping in Montenegro

Montenegro is still considered a real insider tip by nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The mixture of picturesque bays, lonely beaches and lakes, rugged mountains with imposing peaks, lovely forests and wild gorges, picturesque, old villages and a diverse flora and fauna make up the incomparable charm of this small country on the Adriatic Sea. And in the middle of it all: many beautiful nature campsites as the ideal starting point for your next outdoor adventure. At best, you can go campsite hopping - here today, there tomorrow - and keep an eye out for the next stopover on Montenegro's new panoramic roads.

We present a small selection of recreational opportunities and outdoor activities, along with tips for the best campsites in Montenegro.

Velika Plaza, Montenegro | © Velika Plaza, NTO Montenegro
  • Velika Plaza, NTO Montenegro
Camping holidays in the middle of an outdoor sports paradise: Probably the most beautiful campsites in Montenegro for active nature lovers / Velika Plaza - the longest sandy beach with a length of 13 kilometres is located in Ulcinj. Kitesurfers from all over the world meet here in the summer months to dance with their kites in the brisk Maestral sea wind.
Camping Montenegro

Swimming, Surfing, Sailing

Crystal-clear water, waves and the finest sand: 117 beaches on the Adriatic with a total length of 73 kilometres offer enough space for a relaxed, undisturbed sunbath or a ride on the sea with the surfboard. The longest sandy beach with a length of 13 kilometres is in Ulcinj. Kitesurfers from all over the world meet here in the summer months to dance with their kites in the brisk Maestral sea wind.

Directly on the pebble and sandy beach of the Adriatic Sea are numerous campsites in the good 3 to 4-star category, where campers from near and far are very welcome. Whether WLAN or sanitary facilities, whether shopping facilities or mobile homes for rent - there is certainly nothing lacking here. You can go kitesurfing or play beach volleyball on the beach, swim, splash around or snorkel in the sea - or meet friends and like-minded water sports enthusiasts in the shade under the pine trees.

Montenegro campsites by the sea:

Suggestion 1: Ulcinje, Autokamp Tropicana
Suggestion 2: Auto Kamp Utjeha
Suggestion 3: Petrovac, Camping Maslina
Suggestion 4: Višnjeva, Camping / Appartement Kunjic

St. Stefan Beach, Montenegro | © St. Stefan Beach, NTO Montenegro
  • St. Stefan Beach, NTO Montenegro
St. Stefan Island, Montenegro | © St. Stefan Island, NTO Montenegro
  • St. Stefan Island, NTO Montenegro
Porto Montenegro, Tivat | © Porto Montenegro, NTO Montenegro
  • Porto Montenegro, NTO Montenegro
Porto Montenegro Tivat

Bay of Boka

Arguably one of the most beautiful bays in the world is Boka Kotorska - the Bay of Boka, which stretches over a length of 28 kilometres. Lush Mediterranean vegetation, picturesque little villages clinging to the steep slopes of the surrounding mountains form the impressive picture of this unique region. Here, between Kotor and Tivat, campers can park their motorhomes and tents on sites under shady, ancient olive and cherry trees. The nearest yacht and sailing harbour is just a few kilometres away: there, sailing enthusiasts can rent their boat and set off for an unforgettable cruise in the bay.

Campsites Boka Bay:

Suggestion 1: Jošice, Camping Zlokovic
Suggestion 2: Kotor, Autocamp Lara

Our Lady of the Rocks (Gospa od Škrpjela) is one of two small islands off the coast of Perast in the Bay of Kotor. It is an artificial island created by a bulwark of rocks and by old sunken ships loaded with stones.

The tradition of rock throwing is still alive today. Every year on 22 July, the festival called fašinada takes place, when the locals throw stones into the sea in order to increase the island's surface area.

The two islands, as well as the entire Boka Bay, have been UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites since 1979.

Boka Bay, Montenegro | © Boka Bay, NTO Montenegro
  • Boka Bay, NTO Montenegro
Lady of the Rocks, Bay of Boka, Montenegro | © Lady of the Rocks, Bay of Boka, NTO Montenegro
  • Lady of the Rocks, Bay of Boka, NTO Montenegro
Panoramic Roads, Montenegro | © Panoramic Roads, Montenegro, NTO Montenegro
  • Panoramic Roads, Montenegro, NTO Montenegro
Panoramic roads Montenegro - not all of them can be driven on with larger motorhomes.
Camping Montenegro

Hiking in the National Parks

A hike through the Lovcen National Park is part of the must-do programme of any trip to Montenegro. The special thing about this scenic region is its diversity: a unique mixture of cultural-historical monuments, an overwhelming variety of plants and then, of course, breathtaking mountain landscapes. There are numerous well-signposted trails for hikers - from easy to challenging. On request, hiking guides lead you through the park on secluded paths, accompany those who are afraid of heights to viewing platforms and impart interesting facts about the region.

Here in the Lovcen National Park there are a number of smaller campsites and cottage villages such as Njegusi or Ivanova Korita - some of them have a good infrastructure, and shopping and catering facilities are available on site during the summer months. Here guests can experience unspoilt nature in XXL.

Suggestion for Camping in the Lovcen NP - Njegusi

The Biogradska Gora National Park in the centre of Montenegro's Bjelasica mountain range is the smallest of Montenegro's five national parks, but nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, a very special one. In addition to an incredible biodiversity and quiet glacial lakes, nature lovers will find one of the last "real" primeval forests in Europe here. Around the peaks of Zekova Glava and Crna Glava at an altitude of a good 2,000 metres, experienced hikers will find an extensive network of trails - and poignant tranquillity.

For camping enthusiasts who like it rural and authentic, there is hardly anything more beautiful than spending the night in the middle of the untouched wilderness. Surrounded by dark forests and high peaks, campers can choose from smaller "nature sites" here in the national park - the facilities are somewhat simpler, but the nature experience is all the greater for it: the next cool mountain lake for refreshment is not far away, the next mountain for the next climb is within reach.

Campsites Biogradska Gora National Park:

Suggestion 1: Kolasin, Camp Lipovo
Suggestion 2: Kamp Wesko

View from the mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegoš in Lovcen National Park | © View from the mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegoš in Lovcen National Park. Foto: National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro
  • View from the mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegoš in Lovcen National Park. Foto: National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro
Lake Sisko, Montenegro | © NTO Montenegro
  • NTO Montenegro
Lake Bukumirsko, Montenegro | © Lake Bukumirsko, Montenegro, NTO Montenegro
  • Lake Bukumirsko, Montenegro, NTO Montenegro
Lake Bukumi (Bukumirsko jezero) is 1,443 m above sea level in the Podgorica region and is also an inviting place for a hike.

Hiking in Skadar National Park

Although Lake Skadar grows to about the size of Lake Garda in spring after the winter melt, making it the second largest lake in southern Europe, the freshwater reservoir is still completely unknown to many: With 270 bird species, Lake Skadar is one of the largest bird sanctuaries in Europe: some of Europe's last pelicans, but also storks, herons, hawks and eagles have found a protected refuge here. It is a fantastically beautiful, fairytale-like area, surrounded by steep mountains, island monasteries, clear turquoise waters and a huge carpet of floating water lilies. Anyone who takes a hike along one of the nine marked trails through the Skadarsko Jezero National Park will come back enchanted and will certainly agree that the lake must have been created from the tears of a fairy, and not just according to legend.

There is a charge for visiting the national parks: day tickets from 2 euros as well as maps and detailed information material are available at the respective visitor centres.

Campsites Lake Skadar:

Suggestion 1: Virpazar, Camp Podkraj
Suggestion 2: Golubovci, Plavnica Camping Resort Marković

Lake Skadar, Montenegro | © Lake Skadar, NTO Montenegro
  • Lake Skadar, NTO Montenegro
Dalmatian Pelican | © Dalmatian Pelican, Foto: Wikipedia, By Norbert Aepli, Switzerland, CC BY 2.5,
  • Dalmatian Pelican, Foto: Wikipedia, By Norbert Aepli, Switzerland, CC BY 2.5,
Camping Montenegro

Rafting and Canoeing

Rafting River Tara | © NTO Montenegro
  • NTO Montenegro
Rafting on the Tara River

Montenegro is the Eldorado of water sports enthusiasts who are drawn to wild rivers for their next rafting and canoeing adventure. In addition to the absolute dream river of the rafting community, the 140-kilometre-long River Tara, there are numerous other smaller rivers in Montenegro that provide special thrills with their water whirlpools and rapids.

Along the Tara, there are some beautifully situated, smaller campsites that are ideal for a maximum two-day stay. For some of them, the motto is: "Less is more" - here, nature and the outdoor experience are in the foreground, the infrastructure is functional and limited to the bare essentials. But you don't have to limit yourself. And the river? It's only a few dinghy lengths away and calls for the next white-water adventure.

Campsites Tara Gorge:

Suggestion 1: Pljevlja, Camp Kljajevića Luka
Suggestion 2: Autocamp next to the P4
Suggestion 3: Gornja Dobrilovina, Eko-oaza Camping

If you want to try out the camping feeling first, you can of course do so at selected sites along the Tara: here, permanently installed mobile homes are available and invite you to comfort camping. Of course, food and drink are also provided on site and, with a bit of luck, you can catch your own fish for the evening barbecue in the river.

Tara Gorge, Montenegro | © Tara Gorge, Bear Lissimo, Unsplash
  • Tara Gorge, Bear Lissimo, Unsplash
Mountain Biking Montenegro | © NTO Montenegro
Camping Montenegro
Mountain Biking

With a mountain bike piggybacking on the camper van, Montenegro is an ideal place to discover: At the campsite of your choice, you park your camper and hop on your bike: The mountainous region around the small town of Savnik on the edge of the Durmitor National Park is green wherever the eye can see. From here, mountain bikers can set out on a four-hour tour to Zabljak or a longer and more demanding tour to Niksic, a good 56 kilometres away.

Mountain bikers can choose from two campsites in this charming region of northern Montenegro. If you don't want to camp, but prefer a solid roof over your head, no problem: bungalows or cabins are also available for rent. Bicycles are also available - you can rent one spontaneously, as the mood takes you, and set off on a tour of discovery through the beautiful natural landscape. And after the excursion? A refreshing swim in one of the surrounding, cool mountain lakes is tempting.

Camping Montenegro

Little Adventures

In the immediate vicinity of Cetinje, under the Belveder panoramic point, which offers a beautiful view of the plain around Lake Skadar, is the Lipa Cave, a wonderful gallery of underground halls.
The total length of the explored passages is about 2,500 metres, with several richly decorated halls and interesting galleries. Underground water streams, lakes and springs enhance its natural beauties and make it even more charming and attractive. Lipa Cave is the first and only cave in Montenegro made accessible for tourist visits. It displays a great variety of karst features and offers visitors a unique experience of the underground world. It is 33 km from Budva, 35 km from Podgorica and 5 km from Cetinje, west of Lovcen National Park.


Nevidio Canyon is synonymous with canyoning in Montenegro par excellence. A canyon that needs no comparison and a unique tourist attraction. Nevidio Canyon is part of the Mala Komarnica, a river that rises at the foot of the southern Durmitor Mountains. Its name Nevidio or Neviđbog means "place you cannot see". Here the name says it all, because the river disappears quite suddenly in the village of Komarnica, 10 km from Šavnik, in an extremely narrow canyon, making itself 'invisible'. The canyon is only 1700 metres long, but those who cross it will have the impression that it is much longer. The difference in altitude is about 125 metres, and the walk takes about 4-5 hours. Not far from the canyon entrance is the 'point of no return', a jump into a pool from which there is only one direction to go. Turning back is impossible! The bottom of the canyon is almost always in the shade. A local guide and appropriate equipment (which can be hired) are essential here!

There are numerous other rivers where you can try canyoning.

Lipska Cave, Cetinje | © Lipska Cave, Cetinje, NTO Montenegro
  • Lipska Cave, Cetinje, NTO Montenegro
Canyoning, Montenegro | © Canyoning, NTO Montenegro
  • Canyoning, NTO Montenegro



Selected campsites Montenegro

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