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The Adria Axess

Adria have included ‘Axess’ within two of their existing new generation motorhome ranges ‘Matrix’ and ‘Coral’; the new design Axess offers customers more choice with a variety of layout options. The Matrix Axess is available in three different models, the 600 DT, 600 SL and 600 SP with the Coral Axess available in the 600 SL.

The Axess design is based around contemporary living whilst allowing for style, technology, comfort, and of course, ease of everyday living.  The Axess model offers an open-plan living space with numerous features including a large opening panoramic window with integrated blinds, with a window that also allows for additional ventilation.

In addition, the Axess has a double floor to ensure a single level floor is provided throughout as well allowing for 13cm underfloor space, for both integrated utilities, insulation and that all important extra storage. With a white exterior body and its sporty graphics, the new generation of Axess models feature a dynamic front cap, inclined rear wall design and large garage with power and lights.

Internally Adria have created a comfortable home environment for the whole family to enjoy the living areas along with practical features, complemented by a new range of textiles and furnishings.

The living room is the heart of any van; the Axess being no exception, it is home to a large dinette with side sofa and adjustable table, controllable lighting with LEDand spotlights, as well as the panoramic window all contained within an open plan living space.

Offering a variety of different internal layouts, the new Axess models have a set-up to suit pretty much everybody. Prices start from £65, 595.00, depending on which model is selected, the Coral Axess or the Matrix Axess and is customised depending on the options added.

Adria's website is also host to a variety of 360° tours available for a selction of Adria vans.