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Nudist Camping:
The Best Campsites in Germany

Nudist Camping in Germany

Land of Naturism

The first association for naturism was founded in the Ruhr area as early as 1898, which emerged earlier in Germany than in other European countries or the USA. The background to this trend, which reached the liberal capital Berlin and the Baltic Sea around 1900, were life-reforming ideas that also encompassed nutritional and health teachings and were sometimes also very esoteric. Just being naked for the joy of being naked came much later. By 1913, there were already over 50 naturist associations in the German Reich.
Since then, nude bathing has not only been tolerated in many places in Germany, but is often very popular, especially in the eastern federal states. Nudist bathing enjoyed great popularity in the GDR, and today many of the most popular nudist facilities can be found on the Baltic Sea, in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and in Brandenburg. However, areas for nude bathing or sunbathing have been designated at lidos, lakes and even in city centres across the country, such as the English Garden in Munich. According to a 2014 study, Germany is the country with the greatest acceptance of nudity worldwide: a third of all respondents stated that they had ever been naked in public.

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84 Campsites in Germany

Nude bathing in combination with camping is particularly special experience. The campsite portal lists 84 sites for naturist camping between the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Alps. There are basically three different types of naturist camping: 1. campsites with a textile dress code but direct access to a nude beach. 2. campsites with separate areas for nudists where motorhomes can be parked. 3. pure naturist campsites, where you can be naked everywhere and at all times, at least if the weather permits. The type of campsite is indicated in the description.

Nudist camping in Germany

The Eleven Best Campsites

Below, the Motorhomecouch presents the 11 best places for naturist camping. The ranking is based on guest reviews on the platform, whereby only campsites that have collected at least 30 reviews as of 27 February 2024 have been taken into account to ensure a certain validity. All naturist campsites in Europe, not just those presented here, are listed on this overview by

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Camp Casel on Lake Gräbendorf

State of Brandenburg

Camp Casel in Drebkau in the Lusatian Lakeland, situated on the shores of the idyllic Gräbendorfer See under tall trees, received the best rating of 5.0 (excellent) on The spacious, 25,000 square metre, family-friendly site has a total of 130 pitches for caravans and motorhomes with all the necessary connections just 50 metres from the water. There is a textile beach, a naturist beach and a dog beach, which are ideal for swimming, paddling, surfing, diving, stand-up paddling and fishing. The Fürst Pückler cycle path runs right past the site. The campsite offers good food at the Blockhaus Camp Casel restaurant, a daily bread roll service and breakfast on request. A playground is 150 metres away. There is a motorhome for hire for novice motorhome owners.

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Naturist Camp Sonnensee in Hanover

Lower Saxony

The second most popular naturist camping site in Germany is the 64-hectare Naturist Camp Sonnensee in Hanover. The naturist-only campsite, which belongs to the BffL Hanover association, surrounds a quarry pond surrounded by forest in a nature reserve not far from the city and is open not only to members but also to guests. The caravan site is located directly in front of the access barrier. Food is available in the town 1 kilometre away, the site itself has a restaurant and a bread service in the season. It is open all year round and offers several leisure and sports facilities such as beach volleyball, petanque, athletics and table tennis. The campsite received the award for the fourth time in a row in 2024. However, dogs are not permitted on the entire naturist campsite.

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Rehberge Nature Camping Park in Lychen

State of Brandenburg

Naturcampingpark Rehberge is located on the shores of Lake Wurlsee in the middle of a wooded area. One of the lake's springs is located on the campsite grounds. The Wurlsee is connected to the other lakes in Lychen, making it an ideal starting point for extensive canoe or boat trips. Or you can spend the day relaxing on the shore with its large sandy beach. The camping park emphasises the experience of nature and offers plenty of space for insects, birds and small animals in flowering meadows, hedges, bushes and trees. In total, there are only 70 tourist pitches and 70 permanent camping pitches on the 15-hectare site; other sites have three or even four times as many on the same area. The spacious pitches of various sizes in the shade of pines, birches and oaks all have electricity and water connections and are separated from each other by hedges or trees.

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Camping Sternencamp in the Upper Lusatia


The Sternencamp campsite is located directly on Bärwalder See, Saxony's largest lake at 13 square kilometres. It was created in 1997 by flooding and renaturalising the former lignite mine. Today, instead of coal, the region's greatest treasure is its extensive, sparsely populated nature. The lake is ideal for all kinds of water sports, such as surfing, kitesurfing, sailing, motor boating and fishing. There is a 22-kilometre asphalt cycle path around the lake, which can also be the starting point for the wolf cycle path, where you can learn lots of interesting facts about wolves, who returned to this area a few decades ago. The Sternencamp campsite has 100 square metre pitches, all with electricity, fresh water and waste water connections as well as WLAN. Even large motorhomes over 10 metres long will find a suitable pitch. There are spacious sanitary facilities. Children can have fun in the new playground. Along the lake there is a 7.5-hectare textile beach, a naturist beach and a dog beach.

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Wulfener Hals on the Island of Fehmarn


With an average of 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, the Baltic Sea island of Fehmarn describes itself as the sunniest island in Germany. In the south of the island, between the Burger inland lake and the Baltic Sea. The extensive Wulfener Hals campsite with its wide range of leisure and sports facilities is located on a headland. Water sports enthusiasts will find the best conditions there, and children can let off steam on the sandy beach, in the pool or on one of the numerous playgrounds. In addition to several catering options, the site offers entertainment, musicals, shows and live bands all year round. The motorhome park is located directly on the surfing area of the Burger Binnensee and offers various pitch categories from simple parcelled pitches to pitches with electricity, TV (often with Sky TV), water and waste water connections. The motorhome park has its own sanitary building with all amenities. However, it is quite a walk from the motorhome park to the naturist area along the shore of the lake to the very end of the headland. There, however, the nudists are then separately among themselves.

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Grünewalder Lauch in Lower Lusatia

State of Brandenburg

This campsite on the edge of the Niederlausitzer Heidelandschaft Nature Park has been in existence since 1977 and is characterised by a very family atmosphere and is particularly appealing to younger families. The spacious pitches are all equipped with CEE electricity connections and there is a modern sanitary building with a dishwashing room, washing machines and dryers. The beer garden offers a cosy atmosphere with home-style and regional cuisine. The bathing beach on the Grünewalder Lauch is around a hundred metres away and has three areas for nudists, textile and dogs.

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Knattercamping in Bantikow

State of Brandenburg

The Knattercamping campsite has its own 4,500 square metre pitch area for naturist camping with a separate nude bathing beach and its own toilet facilities. Overall, this family-run campsite in a beautiful lakeside location is a simple forest campsite with no unnecessary frills. Fans of more traditional camping are in good hands here. However, there is a wash house, dishwashers and washing machines, a kitchen with a lounge and cooking facilities as well as fresh bread rolls in the morning.

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Camping Hilsbachtal in Kraichgau


In the hilly landscape of the Kraichgau region, which is known as the Tuscany of Germany, lies the Hilsbachtal campsite, where you can spend the whole day in the nude: Pure naturist camping! The 10-hectare site with a total of 300 pitches has a restaurant, swimming pool, volleyball court, football pitch, boules court and table tennis tables, where tournaments in these sports take place in summer. There is also a playground for children. WLAN is available throughout the site. There are numerous excursion destinations in the surrounding area, such as the city of Heidelberg.

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Inselcamping Werder a Alt-Schwerin

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

The naturist camping area is the oldest part of the campsite on the island of Werder in Lake Plau. In operation since the 1970s and modernised in the 1990s, it is located at the rear of the campsite. The tranquillity of the island is even more noticeable here. The modernisation of the 120 pitches, some directly on the water, has not changed their natural character. However, not all pitches have a direct water or sewage connection. There are two sanitary facilities in the naturist camping area. The rest of the large site, which is easily accessible via a bridge, has modern sanitary buildings with saunas, a large bathing area, a boat landing stage, a large playground and a pub.

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Naturist camping at the Useriner See

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

The campsite on Lake Userin is located in Germany's largest national park, the Müritz National Park. In contrast to the sometimes overcrowded campsites on the Baltic Sea, things are more leisurely here. The lakeside location invites you to explore the countless bodies of water in a variety of ways. To the north of the Useriner See, a very beautiful water hiking route begins: via the Zierzsee into the Görtowsee, from there through the Havel in the direction of its source via Blankenförde and Babke through several other smaller lakes into the Käbelicksee and into the source area of the Havel. The 8-hectare campsite is divided into a textile and nudist area, with nudism having been here first and being taken very seriously. The site has a modern sanitary building, sports field, playground and a shop.

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Camping at Rosenfelder Strand on the Bay of Lübeck


One of the most famous nude destinations in Germany is the 1.6 kilometre-long Rosenfeld beach on the Bay of Lübeck. The only naturist campsite on the German Baltic coast is located here in a nature reserve. The campsite covers around 30 hectares and offers spacious 100 square metre pitches for motorhomes. The site has direct access to the beach. 5 modern sanitary buildings, a food market, a restaurant, a playground and many sports facilities are available to guests.

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Naturist Camping Germany

The Best Naturist Campsites in Germany

Naturist Camping

You can find out more about the idea of nudism and naturism at the German Association for Nudism.

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Nudist camping: the best campsites in Germany