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Route Touristique du Champagne

Champagne Route by Motorhome

Ahh... champagne! This pleasant, tingly substance that makes us laugh, brings joy and accompanies us on special occasions. And where better to try the sparkling drink than in the beautiful French region of Champagne? Explore the wine region on this route while enjoying the flexibility and comfort of a motorhome trip. The Champagne Route winds through the picturesque region, past vineyards, charming villages and historic wine cellars where you can stay overnight and enjoy the region's scenery.

There's a lot to do in Champagne, especially wine tasting in the numerous wine cellars, where you can learn about the region's rich wine heritage and taste the delicious sparkling wine for which it is famous. However, the region has much more to offer than champagne: sights such as the impressive Reims Cathedral, walks through the narrow streets of Épernay or the wonderful views of the Boursault Castle in Venteuil.

The experience of traveling through these vineyards in a motorhome is unique. That's why we decided to include several wineries that belong to France passion, a network that brings together farmers, winemakers and farms with wine-loving motorhome enthusiasts.

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The Champagne Route makes it possible to experience:

  • ... Roman ruins, medieval monasteries and beautiful landscapes;
  • ... the city of Reims, its Gothic cathedral and the famous vineyards of the Marne Valley;
  • ...small family wineries, charming villages like Épernay and Hautvillers and tastings in the largest champagne houses in the world.

Type of Route: Gastronomic
Theme: Champagne, wine
Start / Finish: Reims - Villenauxe-la-Grande
Length: up to 700 km depending on the variant
Federeal State: Grand Est
Holiday Regions: Reims - Saint-Thierry - Fismes - Nogent-l'Abbesse - Verzenay - Verzy - Billy-le-Grand - Châlons-en-Champagne - Vitry-le-François - Vitry-en-Perthois - Epernay - Hautvillers - Venteuil - Dormans - Boursault - Chouilly - Pierry - Chavot-Courcourt - Etoges - Sézanne - Provins - Villenauxe-la-Grande

Vineyards in Hautvillers - France | © Vineyards in Hautvillers ©mrallen -
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Vineyards in Champagne in the Marne department, France | © Vineyards in Champagne in the Marne department, France ©FreeProd -
Explore the surroundings of Reims with France Passion

The France Passion network is a unique organization that offers travelers the opportunity to discover French vineyards in a different way.

This initiative brings together more than 2000 winery owners across France who open their doors to RV travelers, offering them the opportunity to park on their land for a night, taste their wines and learn more about the local wine culture.

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Champagne Route

The 6 most beautiful routes in Champagne

Saint-Thierry Massif
Discover the former residence of the archbishops at the Palais de Tau, adjacent to Reims Cathedral, and the precious liturgical objects hidden within.
Mountain of Reims
In the mountains of Reims, between green hills and calm rivers, you can alternate between champagne tasting and cycling in the fresh air.
Côteaux Vitryats
Tour the region's best vineyards, learn about the winemaking process, and taste the region's most famous wines.
Marne Valley
A visit to the world's most renowned champagne cellars, such as those of Moët & Chandon and Perrier-Jouët, should not be missing from your bucket list.
Côte des Blancs
If you are a lover of fresh and delicate wines such as Chardonnay, the cellars of the Côte des Blancs are for you.
Coteaux du Sézannais
Visit the castles of Sézanne, Étoges and the imposing national monument commemorating the soldiers of the First Battle of the Marne.
Champagne route by motorhome

Saint-Thierry massif

Reims - Saint-Thierry - Fismes

Our route begins in Reims, home of the famous Gothic cathedral Notre-Dame, built in the 13th century. The city is home to a vibrant cultural scene in summer and the local tourist office offers numerous tours to the Roman ruins, the Palais de Tau and the famous cathedral.

Reims Cathedral is a must-see as it is not only an impressive example of Gothic architecture, but also known as the coronation site of the French kings. This cathedral is a popular destination for history and culture lovers. With its colorful glass windows and impressive vaults, it is a true masterpiece.

If you want to make the most of your stay in Reims, you can have breakfast at the Waida pastry shop, have a coffee at the Café du Palais, have dinner at the Bistro de la Poste and end the day with a champagne tasting at the Champagne Pol Couronne, just a 4-minute walk from the cathedral.

In Reims you can also book several excursions to the region's vineyards. On this part of the route through the Saint-Thierry massif, we recommend a visit to the Lizeux Pereira champagne winery, where you can stay overnight in your motorhome. It is advisable to reserve in advance and inform the owners that you are traveling in a motorhome. Another winery in this area is Le Clos du Mont D'Hor, where you can park. If you want to spend the night there, you can do so on this pitch, 15 minutes from the winery.

Not far from this area lies the town of Fismes, a charming region in northern France, the birthplace of the illustrator of Asterix the Gaul, Albert Uderzo. Here you can visit museums and historical monuments, enjoy local gastronomy and relax in nature. You can also spend a quiet night in your motorhome here.

Which wineries should you visit?

Champagne vineyards on the mountain of Reims, France | © Champagne vineyards on the mountain of Reims, France ©Southtownboy Studio -
  • Champagne vineyards on the mountain of Reims, France ©Southtownboy Studio -
Woman with a glass of champagne in Reims, France | © Reims, Champagne, ©rh2010 -
  • Reims, Champagne, ©rh2010 -
Route de Champagne

Mountain of Reims

Reims - Nogent-l'Abbesse - Verzenay - Verzy - Billy-le-Grand

The Montagne de Reims, located in northern France, is an impressive region full of natural beauty. With its mountainous landscapes and crystal-clear rivers, it is an ideal destination for cyclists and hikers.

Our first visit on this stage is the Manoir de Verzy, an estate that welcomes guests all year round for events and tastings of the famous Veuve Clicquot champagne from 35 euros per person, a special place with a fascinating history and the best views in the area . If you're looking to stay overnight in the area, this is the place for you.

For nature lovers, the Montagne de Reims Regional Nature Park is a paradise. If you want to discover curious trees, you can take the path to the Faux de Verzy, a pleasant walk to discover these mini beech trees with their curved branches that look like little parasols.

If you are looking for a vantage point from which you can get the best view of the area, we recommend parking near the Verzenay lighthouse, a museum surrounded by a sea of vineyards.

Here you can tour the vineyards, learn about winemaking, and taste the region's most famous wines. We also recommend a visit to the Bonnevie Bocart champagne winery, a family business that has existed for generations, and the Bastogne-Frérot winery, both of which belong to the France Passion network and allow overnight stays on their estates.

The gastronomy in the Montagne de Reims is an experience in itself. Visitors can enjoy a variety of dishes from the region, from the Potée champenoise, a stew made from local products, to the Andouille de Revin, a sausage typical of the region, to the traditional cheeses of Champagne such as Chaource and Langres.

Which wineries should you visit?

Hot air balloons over the vineyards near Reims, Champagne | © Hot air balloons over the vineyards near Reims, Champagne ©Southtownboy Studio -
  • Hot air balloons over the vineyards near Reims, Champagne ©Southtownboy Studio -
Porte de Mars - Reims, Champagne | © Porte de Mars - Reims, ©Carole Raddato from Frankfurt, Germany, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Porte de Mars - Reims, ©Carole Raddato from Frankfurt, Germany, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Champagne Route

Coteaux Vitryats

Châlons-en-Champagne -Vitry-le-François - Vitry-en-Perthois

We start this stage in Châlons-en-Champagne, where you will find the Aquadis Loisirs campsite with its spacious pitches and all the facilities you could wish for. Upon arrival, we recommend a trip on the boat l'eau'dyssée, a visit to the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame-en-Vaux, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a wine tasting at Les caves Joseph Perrier. Another landmark of the city is St. Stephen's Cathedral, known for its incredible stained glass windows.

Continue to Vitry-le-François, the “pink” city named after the former King François I. This small town is ideal for a pleasant stroll through the center, where the collegiate church and the Place d'Armes conquer the hearts of visitors. If you need a break from all that champagne, there's nothing better than a picnic in the beautiful gardens of the Hôtel de Ville or a visit to the Porte du Pont. If you like cycling, Vitry-en-Perthois is very close, a very small village that you can cycle around while enjoying the beautiful views of the Mont de Fourche.

The Coteaux Vitryats area has a variety of wineries where you can taste wines and purchase bottles to take home, such as: B. theChampagne JS. BRICHE, who offer a tour of their vineyards in Loisy-sur-Marne and a tasting of their champagne from 6 euros per person.

Fifteen minutes from Vitry-en-Perthois lies the Champagne Oudit Simonnet winery, whose vineyards are nestled between two hills and produce a Chardonnay with exotic notes and citrus fruits, much sought after and appreciated by winemakers.

In short, Vitry is an ideal destination for anyone looking to embark on a unique wine tasting and cultural journey of discovery through the French countryside.

Which wineries should you visit?

View of the medieval town of Provins, Champagne | © View of the medieval town of Provins, Champagne ©dbrnjhrj -
  • View of the medieval town of Provins, Champagne ©dbrnjhrj -
Reims, Champagne by motorhome | © Reims ©rh2010 -
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Route du Champagne

The Marne Valley

Épernay - Hautvillers - Venteuil - Boursault

Now head to the Marne Valley, home to some of the world's most renowned champagne wineries, such as Moët & Chandon and Perrier-Jouët.

We begin in the charming town of Épernay, world-famous for its high-quality wine production. Here you will find the famous Champagne Museum in the beautiful Château Perrier and the Avenue de Champagne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And finally, we recommend you climb Mont Bernon to enjoy the views before continuing the rest of the route.

In Epernay you also have the opportunity to visit the municipal campsite, which not only has a privileged location but also offers all the amenities for an ideal motorhome stay. Continue to Hautvillers, an idyllic spot for a picnic overlooking the vineyards, bike rides or a visit to the charming Benedictine abbey. Speaking of Benedictine abbeys: Hautvillers is also known as the village of the Benedictine monk Dom Pierre Pérignon, after whom one of Moët & Chandon's most famous champagnes is named.

We continue to Venteuil, which not only offers a magnificent view of the Château de Borseault, but is also another popular destination for lovers of the family home of P. Guerre & Fils, a wine characterized by its vanilla aroma with a touch of toasted cocoa and a taste that radiates vitality and freshness.

Our next stop is Dormans, which not only has another first-class urban campsite, but also boasts a rich cultural heritage with castles such as Louis XIII and the Monument to the Victories of La Marne. Between Venteuil and Dormans is the Champagne Nowack winery, which is also part of the France Passion network and therefore allows overnight stays at its winery. A visit to the Château de Bourseault is a must to complete this stage of the route.

Which wineries should you visit?

Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Chaource | © Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Chaource © Bennekom -
  • Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Chaource © Bennekom -
Vineyards in Hautvillers - France | © Vineyards in Hautvillers ©mrallen -
  • Vineyards in Hautvillers ©mrallen -
Champagne de Castellane, Épernay | © Foto: E.Vidal, Coll. ADT Marne
  • Foto: E.Vidal, Coll. ADT Marne
Champagne de Castellane, Épernay
Route touristique du Champagne

Côte des Blancs

Épernay - Chouilly - Pierry - Vertus

Our next stage takes us through the Côte des Blancs, an area known as the birthplace of Chardonnay and for the quality of its wines, world-famous for their delicate and light aromas.

From Épernay we continue to Chouilly to go around Mont Bernon. Once there, we recommend visiting the Jardin de Vigne, a small open-air wine museum that focuses on the vine and all the grape varieties found in this area. In spring, we recommend a visit to this village's "wet" garden, which is flooded with flowers in season and is a popular destination for an afternoon picnic.

Continue to Pierry, where you can visit the Thibaut chocolate factory, its castle and its 18th century cellars and wine cellars. In this area, not far from the Pierry castle, is the church of Saint-Martin de Chavot-Courcourt, a secluded place with an exceptional view, ideal for a romantic sunset.

Now let's move on to the best wineries in the Côte des Blancs! Choosing the best wineries in the region is a bit like choosing between Brie and Comté, it comes down to your taste. However, we recommend some wineries such as the Champagne house RL Legras in Pierry, which produces the house champagne for the best Michelin-starred restaurants in France.

In the Vertus region, you can not only explore the rich history and cultural heritage, but also taste the delicious champagne from the Vve Fourny & Fils winery. This family-run champagne house has been cultivating these vines for more than 5 generations since 1856.

Which wineries should you visit?

Champagne Glass | © © Big Dodzy de Unsplash
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Champagne vineyard in Venteuil, France | © Champagne vineyard in Venteuil, France, ©Chris Mann -
  • Champagne vineyard in Venteuil, France, ©Chris Mann -
Alpine Navigation System | © Alpine Navigation System
Motorhome navigation

With an ALPINE navigation system, a trip through Champagne is even more fun. With the motorhome software you can reach your destination safely and relaxed and the ALPINE sound brings the right mood into the motorhome.

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Champagne Route

Coteaux del Sézannais

Sézanne - Etoges - Provins - Villenauxe-la-Grande

The Côteaux du Sézannais is a region in central France that offers its visitors a variety of activities and attractions. The region's rich history, beautiful rural landscapes and rich culinary offerings make it an ideal destination for anyone looking for a break in the French countryside.

Sézanne is famous for its vineyards, which produce some of the best Champagne wines. The city also has an impressive Gothic church, the Église Saint-Pierre, several historical monuments and museums such as the Couvent des Récollets, a small architectural gem with several works dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi and a few kilometers from Sézanne the Romanesque church of Saint-Martin de Moeurs.

In Étoges you will be surprised by the charming Château, a 17th century castle-hotel with wellness facilities, and a few kilometers away you can also visit the charming village of Provins and Villenauxe-la-Grande. In Villenauxe-la-Grande you have the opportunity to visit the winery Champagne Torchet which, in addition to its exquisite Champagne, also welcomes motorhome travelers.

In Villenauxe-la-Grande you can visit the church of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul, enjoy a variety of local dishes such as mustard sauces and wines from the Champagne François Oudard cellar.

In short, the Coteaux du Sézannais are an ideal destination for anyone looking for a quiet holiday with lots of culture and nature. With its beautiful landscapes, rich history and rich culinary offerings, it has something to offer for every taste and interest.

Which wineries should you visit?

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Place Fontaine - Sézanne, Champagne | © Place Fontaine - Sézanne © Denys (fr), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Place Fontaine - Sézanne © Denys (fr), CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Champagne Route

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